Hey everyone, sorry about the delay in getting this blog post up….I had the sniffles….then I injured my wrist….then I switched photo software.  Do you need any more excuses?  No?  Ok…moving on.  I love how after I pack away all the Christmas decorations how clean and bare the house looks.  The word “bare” sounds so harsh, but after the Holiday excess I really crave it!  It also gives me a chance to analyze.

As we all know I can’t leave my house alone….honestly y’all, I just can’t!  Ashley asked me once if I’d ever be done decorating.  The answer is NO!  I think areas of the home always need some tweaking and freshening, otherwise your environment gets stale.  Every few months I like to go around the house and find little areas that could use a boost – big or small – and this time I decided the dining room could use some freshening up.

I have such a thing for slipcovered furniture, I wish I had more of it!  It’s perfect for people like me…people like me who need change often and are also clean freaks – just pop them in the washing machine!  First of all, if you haven’t read my original blog post The Formal Living and Dining Room Switch you need too!  You will be shocked by what this area used to look like!  I love the way these new white slipcovers give such a bright clean look to the dining room!  Parsons chairs are such a favorite of mine too!  They first caught my eye when I was engaged to Brian ages ago, I had no idea they were called parsons chairs, but I knew I loved them!  The clean lines have always drawn me in, and with slipcovers you can instantly create a new look for minimal cost!  When it comes to slipcovers for parsons chairs I almost always head to Ballard Designs.

I noticed some of the reviews at Ballard mentioned the slipcovers shrinking.  Check the fabrics carefully, some fabric choices are dry clean only, some are 100 percent cotton, and mine are a blend of cotton and polyester.  I tested out one slipcover by washing then air drying it.  No change.  Then I washed it again and put it in the dryer.  Again, no significant shrinkage.  If I was going to have problems down the road I wanted to know now!  I selected the Ballard Essentials Parsons Chair Slipcover in White Quilted.  I’ve linked everything I can still find on the internet below and you can find a few more shop details in the original blog post above.

Slipcovers  | Chandelier  | Rug |  Wall Frames  | Mirror (on sale right now!) | Parsons Chair

I’m really enjoying this fresh clean look.  It really brightens up the space and I’m so relieved at how well these washed up!  Ok, lol the ironing part was a drag I will admit…but I was literally ironing one handed with my hurt wrist.  If you have any questions about these slipcovers let me know.  So what do you think?  Do you like it?



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