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I was going through our old photo collection and I ran across these trip photos that I wanted to share with you!   Not to confuse you, this trip is from 2014 when we were staying in Paris, but I still remember it like it was yesterday.  The blog was just a tiny seed back then, but luckily we’ve always snapped lots of photos while traveling, although the quality of the photos is hit or miss unfortunately.  Another thing I wanted to share is our love for Viator Tours.  Sometimes planning day trips and side activities while on vacation can be overwhelming, especially when you’re in a foreign country and don’t speak the language.   Depending on where you travel you can almost always find an amazing assortment of half-day, full-day, and sometimes overnight trips.  The day tours usually have little fun extra stops that I love, and we find ourselves in charming little places that otherwise we probably wouldn’t have ever known.

Below, here we are in the adorable little town of Chablis.

It doesn’t look like the exact tour that we took from Paris to the Burgundy wine region is still available, but there are some very similar ones.  I remember when we booked this day tour we were so torn whether to head to Burgundy or Champagne.  Obviously Burgundy won, but I still can’t wait to visit Champagne too…we love the bubbly wine.

When we first arrived in Chablis, our tour guide took us on a charming walking tour of the town, it was so quiet and peaceful.  Afterwards we stopped for a small lunch in a quaint, little cafe included in our tour and then it was off to tour Domain Laroche Winery.  Here we learned about the family wine making business, toured vintage wine making tools, and then explored the underground cellars.

We then got to tour the underground cellar and have a glass of the most incredible tasting Chablis wine!  We love framing our travel photos, I usually black and white them.  Framed travel photos are the perfect souvenir!  You can see an example of this in The Formal Living and Dining Switch blog post.  All the black and white photos are from our trip to France, if you have a good eye you can spot some photos from our Laroche winery.

After exploring Chablis, we went to the charming little town of Vezelay.  When we stepped off the tour bus we saw the adorable Le Compostelle Hotel, we took this photo promising to one day stay there.  It’s still on our list and one day we will do it.  Look at their website, can you tell how dreamy Vezelay is?  We continued through the town up a big hill snapping photos of these cute little restaurants and shops along the way.  I remember taking this photo below thinking, wow this looks too perfect to be real!

At the top of the hill was the stunning Vezelay Abbey, it was being restored but we were able to tour the inside and it was lovely!  Over from the church there was a lovely garden high up that overlooked the beautiful French countryside.

Aren’t these photos of Chablis and Vezelay dreamy?  Honestly without Viator Tours these are 2 places I’m sure we would have not ever visited on our own.  We leave for Europe in a few weeks and we have several more tours booked, 1 in Switzerland, and a few in England and Scotland.  I can’t wait to share our new travel adventures with you!

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