Hey friends, I’m so excited to review the PMD Clean device today with you!  I’m obsessed with new beauty products, and let’s be honest if I think it will make me look better I’ll try anything.  Although I’ve had many at home beauty products flop on me, when I discovered the PMD Clean I was so excited to try it out.

Let me start by saying although it’s similar to the Clarisonic, it’s also different in many ways.  The PMD Clean has 2 sides, an exfoliating brush head that is used to cleanse, massage, and exfoliate the skin, and the other side is for an anti-aging massage that helps with the absorption of serums and moisturizers.  It has 4 vibration settings, the first 2 are for cleansing with the brush side and the other 2 settings are pulsing vibrations for the anti-aging massage.

This brush head is a huge bonus for me, I was so tired of replacing brush heads on my Clarisonic.  Plus I had several instances where the brush wouldn’t dry, and it would grow bacteria and actually cause breakouts.  The brush head on the PMD Clean is silicone, anti-bacterial, and dries almost instantly.  The downside is it won’t give you the deep scrub feeling of the Clarisonic, but the PMD still leaves my skin feeling clean, smooth, and exfoliated.  I often found the Clarisonic too harsh to use every day on my skin, even with the gently brush.  I’m able to use the PMD twice a day, every day.

A huge plus for me is the PMD Clean takes batteries.  I’m so sick of cords and needing to charge devices that this is a huge win!  The silver portion of the PMD unscrews and takes 1 AA battery, and one is include with purchase.  It’s so great to be able to use a new beauty device immediately without having to charge overnight first.   If the battery thing throws you off just know I’ve used the PMD twice a day for about 3 weeks and it’s still going strong, maybe just keep a spare battery around.


I like to use cleansing wipes first to remove heavy makeup before using the PMD Clean.  To cleanse start by rinsing your face with water, apply cleanser to your face, and massage the skin with the exfoliating brush side using modes 1 or 2 in a circular motion.  Rinse and pat the skin dry.  For the anti-aging benefits use smooth side of the head and modes 3 or 4 to massage serums and moisturizers into the skin.  You can do this by directly applying the product to the smooth side of the brush head, but I found this wasted too much product.  I just apply directly to my skin in that area and massage in, the 4th setting is my favorite.

While using the massage feature I made a point to use upward motions, being gentle and not causing any pulling to my skin. The massage feels really good on my face, with maybe the exception of my forehead.   I didn’t read in the directions where this device can’t be used around the eyes, but instead of a sweeping motion I used more of a slow tap to avoid pulling.  After cleaning and massing my skin with the PMD my skin seriously feels soft, plump, and amazing.


The PMD retails for $99 and the Clarisonic retails for about $130 with brush heads needing to be replaced every 3 months.  I love how the PMD is lightweight, soft and flexible.  It’s really easy to use along the contours of my face and it’s gently enough that you can go over certain areas of your face longer if needed, there is no timer like the Clarisonic.


No brush head to replace

Silicone brush head does not grow bacteria

No charger cords to clutter up your bathroom

Light weight flexible head and body are easier to store and travel with

Smooth massage head stimulates blood flow and aids in product absorbtion


You need to buy batteries

The brush head is one size and can’t be changed

I have to say I really love this tool.  It’s going to be a great item to travel with this summer, and I don’t have to worry about packing charger cords, yay!  I love how the brush head doesn’t hold water and grow bacteria and I love the bonus of the skin massage.  With the gentle exfoliation and the smooth massage head, skincare products will definitely absorb easier into the skin.  Facial massage increases blood flow to the skin, increasing collagen and creating a glowing lifted effect as well.  It’s also waterproof, stands up on the end, and comes in 2 other colors.  This is such a fun beauty tool to add into your skincare routine!  See you next week.


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