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A while back I did a post on why I love decorating with trays and how they provide instant style.  You know what?  Books fall into the same category.  The right kind provides instant style but, also helps to anchor objects that would other wise not work or seem lost.  Using books in your home decor will not only save storage place, it will encourage you to think and dream.  I think those are things we could all use more of!  I like to use books to tell a story about what I love, and you can do the same.

Books will provide visual interest, pattern and color to your home.  Although most of our books on display fall heavy into the picture category I still read and thumb through them often. Sometimes I’ve had an awful day and it just feels good to pop open a bottle of wine and thumb through a good book.  Nothing beats being transported into a story… a beach, vintage celebrity photos or stunning couture, it’s good for my soul.

Coffee Table | Pillows – similarLoveseat | Valentino Themes & Varations | Yves Saint Laurent Style |

Kate Spade All In Good Taste

White Tray | Bronze Hand | The Little Dictionary of Fashion | Dior by Dior

The little pink macaron pill boxes I’m in love with!  My girls gave them to me for Mother’s Day, they actually found them months ago at Hobby Lobby bought them and had hid them from me.  So sweet!

Smaller books look so cute on trays, and I especially love stacking small objects on top of books.  It gives great texture and visual interest doesn’t it?   I’m always on the look out for small objects to decorate with and this bronze hand from Pottery Barn certainly fit the bill, and it’s holding my husbands grandmothers earrings.  Not only are they do they look beautiful, they enhance the story I’m telling with the fashion books.  I love using small objects around my house of family members who are no longer with us, it brings their life into our everyday life and I love that.

Chic Stays | Pineapple Jar

Book of Chic | Mercury Votive | Gold Shelves | Pineapple Bookends | Louis Vuitton Icons | In With The Old | Remodelista | Paris | Elements of Style

I think this plant above on the shelf is a perfect example of how a book can anchor objects.  Without the book the plant looked stark and boring.  Gotta love it when the camera picks up the dust on your shelves – LOL!

Elements of Style is hands down my favorite design book EVER!  It’s full of great home design information and HELLO – this book looks incredible everywhere!  Black and white stripes just do it for me!  Here are more of my favorites, if you’re interested.  If not go out and find books that represent you and make you happy!

I’m constantly tweaking our house and moving this around from room to room.  So when you see a book and think wait didn’t that used to be on your desk?  Yeah, probably so… but remember I suffer from I can’t leave my house alone.  I’m not just styling a blog photo, I’m constantly rearranging.  I call it shopping my own house!

My Mom will vouch I’ve been doing this since I was probably 7 or 8 years old!  It would take me literally all day to clean my room because I would have to perfectly stage all my toys on my book shelf.  What can I say?  OCD starts young.

Paris in Color | Paris in Love | Flower Votive

 Gold Bowl | Coffee Table | Tray | New York | Paris | Celine Cheetah Rug


Ugly old books an be spray painted, they look fabulous  gold!  Use painted books as risers under objects that need height or to be anchored visually.

Use one large book for a simple but bold statement, or create stacked groupings of books.  Vary the size, placement and direction, and add fun trinkets on top for style and interest.

Let the books you decorate with represent you and what you love.  If you love science and nature that should play into your choices.

When buying books online don’t assume you know what size it is just by looking at it!  Especially if you’re creating a book display.  Be sure to measure, use other books or magazines for size reference so you have an idea size wise if your books will stack well.  I have a few books I just love together, but they aren’t sized right, so nope!

I like to look for books that I love but ones that have covers that will make a statement and style beautifully.  In this case sometimes I do judge a book by its cover.  After all when a book is on display it’s closed most of the time!

Sometimes books you love aren’t the prettiest and no LOL you don’t have to always spray paint it.  Simply stack a nicer coordinating book on top and let that book do all the visual work.