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Holy surprise, back to back blog posts?  I know, it’s been a while since I’ve done that.  I had to hurry because these pants just went on sale.  This is all too familiar with me, buy something, photograph it, then before I can hit save on the blog – poof it sells out.  But odds are you didn’t wake up thinking I must buy a pair of wide leg polka dot pants today, so we’re probably good.  Or did you wake up thinking that?  Either way you can keep reading.

Fashion this spring has been amazing, I’ve been in heaven with all the patterns from gingham to dots… like I said it’s been amazing!  I just couldn’t pass up these black and white polka dot wide leg pants.  They’re just so fun, which I can’t believe they’re marked down already!  It’s good they’re on sale but bad because they’ll be gone in the blink of an eye.  If you’re not feeling polka dots luckily there are so many other awesome wide leg options out right now too.  I’ve had a lot of fun playing around with different ways to wear them…

The pink tassel earrings I just recently picked up from a little store called TarJay.  I’m sure you’ve never heard of them.  But seriously I was headed to the checkout line when my eyes scanned the clothing and accessories.  Just keep walking I said, you have too much stuff and you don’t need a thing.  It was working, then out of the corner of my eye I see pink earrings and stop.  I mean, can you have too many pink earrings??

For the top I’m actually wearing this Commando Short Sleeve Bodysuit, it’s substantial enough to wear as a top, if you’re ok with the tight fit.  It also layers beautifully with jackets and looks great with jeans and shorts too, plus it’s also on major sale right now, 62% off making it under $28.  It’s also one size fits all, or they say once size fits most, it’s very stretchy.

I just picked up these Halogen wedges too and they’re so comfy!  I wore them all last week, I’m tempted to order more colors.  They come in a cute pink and tropical print too.

Pants | Bodysuit (on major sale)Denim Jacket (order a size up) | Earrings | Shoes | Bag (similar version)

I love how vivid these pants are and it was fun giving them more of a casual vibe with this pink raw edge tee.  Like I mentioned in my White Jeans post I like to have pockets sewn shut on my pants.  Luckily these came with all pockets sewn shut!  I love it when this happens, it’s really easy to open them up with a seam ripper, but I don’t recommend it.  Big gapping pockets aren’t flattering and give the appearance of looking larger.

How cute are these striped ball earrings?  Did I mention how the pink tassel earrings were a 2-pack?  What?  I know, I know. 2 adorable pairs of earrings for only $20?  Thanks TarJay!

Have you heard of the Keto Pink Drink from Starbucks?  It’s what I’m drinking above.  It’s so good and I’m obsessed with it, it’s passion fruit iced tea, a few pumps of sugar free vanilla syrup and a big splash of heavy cream.  It tastes so good, like a milkshake and with the cream it’s actually filling.

Pants | TeeEarrings | Shoes 

I love how these wide leg pants have great movement and flow, that’s something I’ve always been drawn too.  I read a few negative reviews saying these pants are way too long and made for giants.  This is something I definitely want to address.  I’m 5’8 and I usually have most if not all of my pants hemmed.  Unless I’m buying cropped pants, I’ve just come to expect they probably need altering in some way.   I have no idea how designers would be able to pick a one size fits all length with pants, even with petite, regular and tall it can be difficult.  It’s still possible to get lucky and have the length of pants be perfect, but shouldn’t be expected.

Designers tend to make pants long to accommodate the tallest of the ladies and it should be accepted that pants need to be hemmed according to your height.  A good tailor is the best wardrobe weapon anyway.  Hemming pants is very reasonably priced, most dry cleaners offer this service and high end stores such as Nordstrom do this as well, sometimes free of charge.  To get the most out of your wardrobe you want your clothes fitted to your body.

This cami was a great find too, it’s lined really well so it’s not sheer, and not too low cut either.  I’m still playing around with ways to wear it.  I can already tell it will help me build lots of new outfits.  I could definitely use some solid black wide leg pants, you know for those times you just wanna keep it chill and not be all polka dotted.   So I’ll be on the lookout for the perfect pair.

Pants | Top | Earrings | Shoes | Bag

Ugh… can I whine a little?  Today we’re having a garage sale.  I’m not looking forward to it and I’m just ready to get it over with!  We really need to declutter some stuff but garage sales where we live get crazy!  I’m talking everything from random strangers asking to use your bathroom to people just walking off with your stuff without paying!  Never a dull moment I’ll tell ya.  Wish us luck and we’ll chat more next week!