I’ve been meaning to review the MakeUp Eraser for some time now.  I know those who are really into makeup and skincare have already heard of this product, and you may even already have one.  But still on occasion I’ll bring it up in conversation and I find there are women who have never heard of the product.

Now there are even more MakeUp Eraser options than ever and so I thought it would be a fun blog post to compare the sizes, give my tips on using it correctly, and a few other ways I’ve discovered to use it.

I had heard of the MakeUp Eraser but never really understood it’s purpose or even thought it was necessary until one day I got a sample from Sephora, it was just a small cut square without edging.  I threw it in my travel bag to Europe over the summer and didn’t give it much thought.  One day I ran out of my makeup removing wipes, I tried the magical little sample and the rest is history.

Makeup needs to be removed from the skin so you can properly cleanse the skin and apply skincare.  Face wash doesn’t always thoroughly remove your makeup, I’ve verified this plenty of times by looking at my skin in my makeup mirror.  So like most of you, I got in the habit of using makeup removing wipes, these do a good job of removing makeup BUT sometimes I find them to be drying, the fragrance can bother my skin, and you must constantly buy them.  The MakeUp Eraser can be washed and used over and over which is better for the environment!  So in the long run you’ll end up saving money.


It’s simple, just wet the cloth with water and in circular motions gently cleanse the skin.  I’m especially gentle around my eyes.  It’s amazing how the makeup just comes right off, yes even eye makeup!  I can’t speak for waterproof mascara, but regular mascara and eyeliner just melt right off.  There is no need to use separate eye makeup remover or oils.  After I remove my makeup I go forward with cleansing my skin with my regular glycolic acid cleanser.


Like I said, I started with the tiny cute square as a sample.  I actually made this work quite well for weeks in Europe.  I still use the sample size, it’s been washed countless times both by hand and in the washing machine.  I love how it hasn’t frayed.

The Original is a good size and probably the most versatile, but I find it to be longer than I really need.  I’m actually tempted to cut it in half, I seem to gravitate towards square shaped cloths.  It’s priced at $20 for a single, but this lip print 2 pack is just $25!

The Mini is a great size for those who don’t wear a ton of make up, the narrow size is especially great at removing eye make up.  Again I wish it was a little more square shaped though.  What is great about the mini is if you’re just starting out you can buy a 4-pack so you have enough to get the dirty ones washed, that’s a great value.  It’s priced at $12 for a single or $40 for a 4 pack.

The Glove I didn’t think I would like at all but it’s really cool.  It comes as a set but I just use one glove for each wash so it’s 2 individual ones for the price.  It’s especially helpful at removing makeup around my eyes.  It’s priced at $30 for the set.

The Jumbo is absurdly large and I can’t understand the purpose.  Why on earth would you want one this big?  Maybe for Halloween if you’re covered head to toe with body makeup.  It’s priced at $40.


People in some of the reviews I’ve seen have commented that it’s made them break out.  I have two responses to that.  First off it just removes makeup, it’s not cleansing your skin.  So don’t think that’s it, you still have to cleanse your skin afterwards.  On days I don’t wear makeup I just use my regular cleanser.

Just as important, don’t use a dirty MakeUp Eraser on your face!  You’re trying to take makeup off, there’s no reason for yesterday’s dirty makeup eraser to come into contact with your skin again.  I recommend you wash it each time or buy a few so that you always have a clean one on hand.  My skin is very acne prone and I’ve not had a problem.

In Europe I washed mine out by hand with tons of bar soap and made sure it had 100 percent air dried before I used it again.  The easiest way is to just throw it in the washer and dryer.  Being 100% polyester it washes up great and I’m even able to get black eye makeup stains out.


It’s great for getting makeup off bathroom counters.  I also use it to clean the outsides of my makeup compacts and wiping out my makeup drawer… seriously my makeup drawer gets so filthy!  I’ve also used it to get dirt off my purses, and my favorite…it gets rid of shoe funk!  What’s shoe funk?  It’s that build up of funk that happens when I don’t wear socks with my shoes.  It’s so gross, it happens to all my flip flops, flats, sandals, and pumps.  I always start with clean feet so I’m not sure how it gets so bad.

This miracle product completely removes all shoe funk!  Remove it each time, if you let shoe funk build up it’s harder to remove.  I love how there is no harsh chemicals that could damage my shoes!

Lots of fun colors and prints are available, and I recommend all of these sizes except the jumbo.  By the way… please tell me I’m not the only person who gets shoe funk!!



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