I just looked at the calendar and New Years Eve is only 3 weeks away, I can’t believe how quickly this month is flying by.  Time just flies by when you’re busy in the Christmas season.  One of my favorite things about this time of year, besides decorating… is getting dressed for parties and events.

I’m always looking for ways to make my older wardrobe items feel fresh and new again.  All women need the perfect black dress in their closet, maybe even several black dresses because of the versatility.  But let’s face it, as awesome as they are sometimes they can feel a little bit boring.  Especially if you’re wearing the same ones over and over like I do!

This faux fur capelet absolutely does the trick, not only does it elevate my look completely, it feels like I have an entirely new outfit.  A capelet is similar to a bolero, but a bolero is typically more structured like a jacket with sleeves.  Both words seem to be used interchangeably a lot though.  Either way, it creates a gorgeous look to any outfit.  The first time I saw this beauty I fell in love with the soft blush pink and plush cozy fur and couldn’t take it off.  I think a gorgeous capelet needs to be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, and not just for the holiday season either!   I ordered one in ivory too, and this style in black, because these beauties have a timeless style.  Between myself and my 2 daughters I know they will get worn for years.

Don’t think wearing a capelet is just for formal events either.  There are so many cute ways to wear one and so many different styles to choose from.  My next plan is with jeans and a brooch for a cute playful outfit.  There are so many fun ways to wear this beauty I’m sure you’ll be seeing another look soon.

This year we’re attending the New Years Eve Ball at the Stanley Hotel, I’ve yet to decide what dress I’m going to wear but I can promise you it will involve a gorgeous capelet!  Normally we visit Colorado before or after Christmas so this works out great for us, we absolutely adore visiting the beautiful Stanley Hotel every time we’re in Estes Park.  Below I found so many more caplets in different colors and styles to create your own look.


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