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tongue and groove white painted walls

Today I thought I’d give you a Christmas break and share another bedroom reveal with you!  My youngest daughter Ashley, who’s 15, has been so patient and kind with us during our remodel.  She has been with us through all the crazy ups and downs of our intense cabin work.  She has graciously slept with her mattress on the floor, without a door, and with a partial wall missing.  It has been a journey, but I’m happy to say her room is complete, and she loves it!  We spent all summer and most of the fall slowly working on this bedroom, but just last week I’m proud to say it all came together and was completely finished.

tongue and groove white painted walls

It’s hard to define the style of this bedroom. It’s a little bit farmhouse, a bit cottage, whimsical, and most of all it’s Ashley.  I had plenty of ideas for this room, but I made sure to have Ashley’s full input on what she wanted.  We had to compromise on a few things but overall I think we came up with a design plan that pleased us both.

Let’s see some ugly before photos!

Cottage style bedroom decor

Benjamin Moore Tranquil Blue

One thing Ashley was insistent on was tearing out the closet and having an armoire instead.  The closet was bulky and ugly so I gladly indulged her here.  The room is quite small so having an armoire saved space and added that charming look that she’s so fond of.  Her wardrobe is on the smaller side so this worked quite well.  We chose a storage bed with drawers in our bedroom and did the same in this room, so she has plenty of room for pajamas and other items, a shoe drawer, and even the ever so essential junk drawer.  Don’t we all need a junk drawer??  I think so.

We decided to add tongue and groove walls. Brian and I spent many many grueling days cutting, nailing, and caulking the boards.  It took me so long to paint this room I thought I was going to lose my mind.  I tried several different paint rollers and all left an undesirable texture on the walls.  So I had to paint every board by hand, and it took a good 3-4 coats!  So glad that’s over!

Small bedroom space saving solutions

Originally her room had a bathroom connected.  So if you were in the basement you would walk into her room to use the bathroom.  I’m not sure if her room was originally the master bedroom or what (for many reasons we decided to take the bedroom upstairs).  So we added a small hallway so we could enter the bathroom privately.  It worked out well, because if we hadn’t have taken down the closet for the armoire, I’m not sure we would have had room for this.

DIY floating nightstand ideas

When you have a storage bed with drawers, floating nightstands are the way to go.  For our master bedroom I ordered floating nightstands but I needed a quick last minute solution here.  After racking my brain I decided to use the old cabinet doors from our laundry room.  I painted them to blue to match the furniture and Brian found some brackets.  It was such an easy solution!

Farmhouse cottage bedroom decor

Instead of a desk we went with a bistro table and chairs.  It fits nicely into the corner of her room, and it’s so versatile.  She can read, do homework, or just relax and sip some tea at her little table.  Ashley loves her tea!  While pulling out my Christmas decor I found our birch branch tree and it adds a bit of whimsical charm.  I think we’re going to leave it up year round, it’s just so cute in her room!

I ordered the armoire unfinished as well as the table and chairs.  After a lot of back and forth we decided on Benjamin Moore Tranquil blue.  I stained the chair seats and table top with Varathane natural stain.

white shiplap walls

My sweet girl loves animals and all things nature.  One day I found this wooden cow print wall art on sale and surprised her with it, it’s on clearance so if you like it you can buy it now! I framed an elk photo we took last year and it adds a smile on her face everyday.  Ashley named the elk in the photo Honey.

country cottage bedroom

When you have small floating nightstands, you really can’t spare any space for a traditional lamp.  These sconces have a nice clean design that helps bring the room together and the pull chain makes it so easy to turn on and off.  We added a longer pull chain with a decorative crystal for the end, it’s the little things like that that makes such a difference!

modern farmhouse wall sconces

I just love pretty chandeliers, so found this smaller sized chandelier for a great price I jumped on it.

farmhouse cottage bedroom

The shades are from Restoration Hardware.  They’re the same ones from our master bedroom.  I have a love hate relationship with them.  Love the way they look but the cord is in the back and I find it incredibly awkward to open and close them.  You must reach behind the shade and it’s just odd.  Overall, I probably wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.

white tongue and groove bedroom walls

By the way, shout out to Ashley who installed her hardwood floor all by herself!  We added a rich chocolatey brown sheepskin rug for some color and warmth.  It’s soft and cozy, it feels incredible to walk on!

cottage bedroom

Walls and trim are Benjamin Moore in Simply White, furniture is Benjamin Moore in Tranquil Blue.

Upholstered storage bed – in Performance Everyday Velvet Buckwheat (read my review here) Pottery Barn Performance Everyday Velvet rocks!

Armoire | White quilt | Floral comforter | Sconces | Chandelier | Sheepskin rug | Table | Chairs | Birch tree | Cow print art  | Coat rack | Door knob | Wreath | Hardwood floor

country cottage bedroom makeover

This week I’ll also be sharing our downstair bathroom with you!  It was a total disaster complete with a caved in ceiling.  You won’t believe the transformation!



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