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Hello there and happy May to you!  This time of year I always have flowers on my mind, inside and out.  So I thought I would show you how easy it is to put together a simple arrangement using a mason jar.  I love using mason jars for everything, especially when arranging flowers, It ads a nice homey feel.


Mason Jar


floral sheers

2 different kinds of flowers

bundle of greenery


When it comes to flower arrangements the combinations seem endless.  For this project start by picking 2 different flowers you like in different colors.  Select a bundle of larger sized flowers and a bundle of smaller sized flowers.  For this arrangement I chose sunflowers and purple statice.  I love these vibrant colors together.  Next choose some green foliage, I’ve selected Israeli Ruscus, it makes a wonderful filler.

Lets get started.  Gather all your supplies and add water to your mason jar.  Remember to add the floral food to your water!  This should be included in the flowers you purchase and it absolutely extends the life of your flowers.  Just follow the package directions.

I have special floral sheers that allow me to cut tough stems easier.  You can purchase these at any craft store or off Amazon.  Look at these cheerful sunflower faces.  So sweet.

Start by adding your large flowers.  Evenly space them out but don’t worry too much about placement yet.  Using the smaller flowers fill in the areas.  Don’t stress if it looks a little funky.  That’s what the greenery is for.

Remove any leaves that are below the water line and use your greenery to fill in awkward gaps.  Cut shorter any pieces of foliage needed to soften any harsh edges of your arrangement.  Spend a few minutes and arrange it to your liking.  You may need to shorten a few flowers.  A rookie mistake is having your flowers too tall.  If your arrangement looks a bit odd try cutting everything a bit shorter a little bit at a time until it looks just right.

Now grab some ribbon, anything you can find.  I picked raffia ribbon.  Tie a bow, and…haha if your bow was super ugly like mine a simple knot will work.  The total cost of the flowers was $10, a flower arrangement even as simple as this one would cost at least $30-$40.  I love grocery shopping at Central Market because the floral section is divine!

This is a jar of happiness right here, go make yourself a jar of happiness.