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This blog post is dedicated to my new BFF….Sarah Jessica Parker.  Maybe you’ve heard of her?  The almighty Queen, and I mean the Kweeeeeen of everything that is good: fashion, shoes, sparkly things, glamorous things, NYC, movies, TV, and her hair is always perfect whether it’s curly, wavy, or straight.

Now here’s a little secret:  It’s not my first time meeting the Queen.  That’s right.  I met her the first time a few years ago at an event at the Nordstrom in Dallas.  I found out last minute by browsing the Nordstrom event page, and it was a crazy experience that I am forever grateful for.  The Nordstrom meet and greet with the Queen happened so fast, though.  It was more of a 45 second “Hello” followed by an autograph.  No posed photo ops allowed due to the long line.  I was completely starstruck when I met her and sounded incredibly stupid.

Skip to 2, maybe 3 years later to my most recent trip to New York.  I was shopping at the Mothership of all things good and fabulous, the Bloomingdales at 59th and Lexington.  The most perfect place in the world.  Something like 8 floors of happiness, lots of nooks and crannies to explore, with restaurants and just about every designer boutique you can think of from Chloe to Louis Vuitton.  It all started with my fro-yo post.  Yep, if you follow me on Instagram the frozen yogurt sealed my fate.  You see I uploaded my dreamy fro-yo pic and then afterwards forgot all about it and went back off to shop.  But not Mr. Hubbs, AKA Brian.  He was bored so he opened my instagram and he instantly saw a post from Queen SJP.


Brian: Hey…this says Sarah Jessica Parker will be here tomorrow at Bloomingdales assisting with customers and helping them find shoes.

Me:  WHAT?  WHAT??  WHAT???


So we frantically ran….Um…I mean we walked up very cool calm and collected to the shoe department to get details.  Surprisingly the shoe department was pretty calm.  I don’t think a many people knew just yet.  I found that the details were SJP would be assisting with shoes sales with a line to meet her at 11 am.  I was on board, but then Mr. shoe salesman said:  Or if you pre-buy a pair of her shoes you can go to a private breakfast with her before she starts assisting the shoe department.  Um…What???  You’re saying I get to buy something and meet my idol?  Now, that’s a what I call a win-win.  Oh, and you’ll feed me too?  Score.  Oh, and the salesman told me I could bring Brian!  Some of our conversation sounded like this:


Brian:  I going to say “hello Mrs. Jessica-Parker-Broderick” when I meet her.  It’s important to be weird so you’ll stand out and they’ll remember you. 

Me:  Are you really going to say that?  Just don’t say anything about Ferris Bueller. 

Brian:  I think you should invite her and her husband to dinner tonight.

Me:  No!  I couldn’t.

Brian:  Why not?  Just ask her.

Me:  Because I’m 99 percent she’ll say no and I’m not good with rejection.  Plus, it will make her feel awkward thinking of an excuse and I love her too much to put her through that. 


So after trying on several SJP shoes I settle on these cuties.  They are perfect for me.These are the called the Tartt.  I’ll never forget the name ever again because I’m traumatized.  While the Queen was being interviewed she was discussing the inspiration from the shoes she designed in her current collection.  It was during this she called out to me, “those you’re wearing are called the Tartt, right?” and I reply “Oh I’m not sure of the name, I just love them though”.  I sounded calm but in my head I was freaking out.  Sarah Jessica Parker asks you a question and you don’t know it?  STUPID STUPID STUPID!  How can you not know the name of the shoes you’re wearing in front of the Queen?  I am traumatized forever.  I will be 90 years old in a nursing home with no idea who I am but I will be screaming “the shoes are called Tartt!”

Just like I remember, the Queen is tiny.  She is charming.  She is fashionable.  She is adorable.  I want to stick her in my pocket.  She shook hands with everyone in the room.  She then started to eat a pastry.  What?  Was that real?  She’s so tiny how can she eat carbs?  She’s even more lucky that I thought, or maybe she attended an emergency spin class after Bloomingdales.

We were treated to a wonderful breakfast while Miss SJP talked and answered questions.  She was perfectly styled in black and looked just as fabulous as you’d expect her too.  A fun tidbit I learned was about the signature ribbon on her shoes.  The Queen told us the story of she and her sister growing up and how they would always wear ribbons in their hair.  They had every color and they would always iron them perfectly.  Cut to a fabulous grown up SJP designing her shoe line and she noticed the seam in the back.  The seam really stood out to her as looking plain and she had the idea of using a small strip of ribbon which reminded of her childhood days.After breakfast and the interview we lined up where we got to actually sit down and chat with the Queen of all that is good and fashionable.  This time I wasn’t ushered in and out.  This time I wasn’t near as nervous because I remembered how nice she was.

I told myself to play it cool and not tell her I’ve loved her ever since I saw her dance in her nerdy school uniform in Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.  So, finally it’s my turn, and naturally after saying hello I started talking about my best subject.  Purses!

Seriously I love a good shoe, but I obsesses and fantasize about purses even more.  I asked her if she was thinking about adding any more purses to her line.  She responded yes and there is a clutch that matches my shoes!

We continued to chit chat cause ya know we’re BFF’s and everything, then I took off my shoe where she wrote her initials and a little heart on the sole.  She signed my box and I put my shoes back on.

Brian stood off to the side watching and hoping I’m asking her and Ferris Bueller to dinner.  Not happening.

After that the Queen of kindness and goodness lets me take more photos with her.   Every time she touches me I hope I’m soaking up her fashion super powers.

Then, I asked if we can take a photo with Brian, and because she is so freakin sweet she said yes.  She is just the kindest person I’ve ever met.  I can’t imagine another celebrity being as humble, gracious, and kind as she is.

I spent the rest of the day admiring my shoes and taking pictures of them.  A lady stopped me on the street to compliment my shoes.  Thank you, I reply.  My best friend designed them.