Let’s talk about how to pack light when you travel, it can be really hard for people like me.  What can I say, it’s a struggle for me because I can easily overpack if I’m not careful.  There’s nothing worse than lugging around way too much luggage…it’s a hassle to transport, and too much luggage takes up valuable space in your hotel room.  Traveling can also be a little hard on your items because the more you pack the more you risk losing things, having them get stolen, or damaging them.  So here are some wardrobe tips for those times that you want (or need) to pack light and you want to get the most out of your luggage space.

PACK VERSATILE CLOTHING – Make sure you pack versatile clothing that will work for you…items that can mix and match easily and layer up depending on the weather.

PICK A COLOR SCHEME – When in doubt pack black or neutral clothing.  All black or neutral clothing doesn’t have to be boring, use smaller items that take up little space like jewelry or scarves to add interest to your outfits.  When in doubt I say go all black!  Black clothing is great for travel, it will hide dirt and stains best and black can easily go from casual to dressed up.

PLAN AHEAD – If you have a schedule and plan your activities you will know exactly what clothing to pack.  There is nothing worse than realizing you need a bathing suit or an elegant dress but you didn’t pack one because you didn’t plan out your activities.  Once you’ve selected your clothing items take pics with your phone, that way you can remember what goes with what.  It’s my favorite packing trick.  I just look at my phone and see what I’m wearing for the day.

ALWAYS BRING A SCARF – Even if you aren’t a scarf person I’d bring a scarf.  They’re just so versatile when traveling.  You can add color to a boring outfit or use as a wrap to keep warm on an airplane or out to dinner.  A scarf can hide stains or tears that happen to your clothing on vacation, and a light-weight scarf can be tied into a sarong for the beach or pool.

WEAR YOUR BULKIEST ITEMS – Well yeah, avoid packing bulky items when possible but in the winter this is really hard.  If you must bring bulky items such as boots or coats bring just the essentials and wear them in the car or the airplane.

ROLL DON’T FOLD – I do my best to avoid packing clothing that wrinkles, but sometimes it can’t be avoided.  Rolling clothing is sometimes a little awkward but it totally works for preventing wrinkles.  Who wants to iron while on vacation?  I sure don’t.

SELECT HANDBAGS WISELY – A tote and pouch will work hard for you while on vacation.  Totes work great for travel when you need to bring so many things with you, but at times they can get too bulky or heavy.  I like to bring a small pouch or clutch with a strap attached, you can easily slip one into a larger sized tote to organize small items.  Then if you need a smaller purse while walking around town or going out to dinner you have another option.  I love clutches but I don’t think they’re a good idea when traveling unless they have a strap attached.  This helps prevent losing it or having it stolen.

SHOES SHOULD MATCH EVERYTHING YOU PACK – This one can be tricky, it’s the hardest for me.  If you’re going to be walking around a lot then sore tired feet will happen, the best way to beat this is by alternating shoes.  Even the most comfortable shoes can rub a blister when you wear them walking around all day.  Therefore I find alternating my footwear essential, but shoes are heavy and clunky to pack so make sure everything mixes and matches as best as possible.  Obviously exceptions have to be made sometimes, if your hiking or attending a formal event.  Another thing, be sure to wrap your shoes in bags, or The Container Store sells shoe covers so any dirt or germs stay off your clean clothing!

CONSIDER DOING LAUNDRY – Doing laundry on vacation isn’t fun but when your taking a long trip it’s essential.  Tide laundry pods are perfect for travel, just pop a couple in a ziplock bag….you can even grab a dryer sheet too although we don’t ever use them.

Good luck and happy travels!



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