Hey there….happy Wednesday to you!  What’s even better than realizing you’re half way through the week?  Sandal Season!  That’s right it’s time to tell the fall and winter boots to get lost and it’s time to let your sandals have the spotlight.  I’ve already had the pleasure of some great finds and there’s a lot more on sale.  Back in February I started looking at my spring and summer wardrobe, I like to make lists of exactly the items I need.  I usually have a running list on my phone of closet items I need…stuff like red belt, the perfect white shirt, etc.  Well I’ve been really lacking in sandals!  Below I’ll show you a few of my favorites I’ve already been wearing, plus some fit tips and my thoughts on them.

Dress (sold out, same brand in white) | Wedges | Earrings | Wine – Oops I drank it all!

These Michael Kors Wedges instantly caught my eye for several reasons.  I don’t do foot pain, ok on the rarest occasions I will endure foot torture, but not in my every day life.  So I’ve always got my eye out for comfy wedges and flats.  These MK shoes are so insanely comfortable!  Plus the neutral color will go with pretty much anything!  These shoes took absolutely zero breaking in, they were straight up comfy wearing them for the first day.

If you’re a wedge person you need these and I found them in so many other colors: leather, black, denim, orange, and turquoise.  They’re on sale for $75 until March 26th (regular $98) so don’t miss out!  I’m wearing my usual size in the Natural color.

Denim jacket (go up 1 size) | My trusty black tank | Earrings (sold out, similar) | Leopard sandals (go 1/2  a size up)

Now these Tory Burch Miller Sandals were a little tougher to break in.  I bought some softer leather ones that I’ll get to below, but I was really drawn to these patent leather ones in leopard.  Tory makes several other colors in patent as well.  They were not fun to wear the first week and right as I was about to burn them poof they suddenly got comfy.  So by the time I got to New Orleans I was able to wear these all day long & multiple days without foot pain.  So if you can handle the break in period after that they’re heavenly!

With Tory Burch Miller sandals whether leather or patent you need to order a size up.  I normally wear a 9 and the 9 1/2 fit perfectly.  What I do love about the patent leather version of the Millers is the durability.  They can get wet so they should do well near the beach or pool.

Gingham top | Bag (similar) | Turquoise earrings | Sandals (go 1/2  a size up) Straw hat | Check out this $15 hat out too!

Now forget all the breaking in drama I had above with the patent sandals, these won’t give you any pain!  This was another sandal that was comfortable from the very first wear.  I love the feel of the leather, its very high quality and everybody needs a pair of basic brown or tan sandals.

These fit the bill and the Miller Sandals are more than just a flip flop.  They add interest, style, and a statement that regular flip flops couldn’t ever do.  Priced just under $200 these are more of a splurge but so worth it!  They come in so many amazing colors too.  I did spill wine on these and it left wet marks, luckily once they dried you couldn’t see the spots.

I have really long toes, they’re almost like fingers….should I join the circus?

I’ve also got my eye on several other sandals and all are under $150!  Most of the ones I selected below come in many colors so if you see a pair you like that aren’t the right color, be sure to check out the other colors.

I’m loving my sandals so much….I have to hide them.  You see my older daughter Haley has the exact same size foot as me and sometimes shoes suddenly disappear.  Once they make it upstairs to her room it’s like a black hole and I never get them back.  I mysteriously lost several Uggs this winter.  The struggle is real.


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