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I want to share our travel favorites with you today.  I don’t know about y’all but travel can be a little stressful sometimes, and you can bet I’m always on the lookout for items to make things easier.   I think that should be the goal with every trip, to bring things along that help you be more organized and relaxed so you can just enjoy yourself.

Since we’re about to jet off and I have travel on my mind I thought this would be a great time to share with you some of our travel favorites we always use.  Bonus, these are all from Amazon and priced at $50 or below, with Prime shipping you can quickly gather things you need without panicking.



This adjustable tablet stand rocks! It’s useful in so many ways not just for travel but also for everyday life.  You can use it at home, in a hotel, or on an airplane for your tablet or phone.  I sometimes use it to watch movies on my iPad in the bathtub and to hold my iPad in the kitchen while reading a recipe.  The stand is completely adjustable to accommodate any size phone or tablet too.  It’s definitely a travel must for us!



Another multi-purpose item I love.  Have you ever flown in the bulkhead or exit row?  Yeah, the extra leg room is awesome until you realize you can’t relax your legs and sleep.  I once flew to Paris in the bulkhead row and I was miserable with my legs folded up the entire time.  From now on I make sure to fly with one of these!  This helps with the dreaded leg swelling I sometimes get.  It also works well with small children in cars or airplanes when their little legs do not reach the floor, even in the smaller rows. This inflatable footrest makes long trips much more comfortable for adults and kids!  You can adjust the size to tailor your needs and simply deflate once you’ve reached your destination.



So you’re probably seeing a pattern, I love traveling with inflatable stuff!  I don’t always use a neck pillow when we’re taking a road trip or flying, but I definitely want the option and I can’t loose precious carry-on or car space!  After a few too many times of wrestling my neck pillow into my carry on I decided inflatable was the way to go.  After arriving at your destination, just deflate and put it back in the pouch, which I promise takes up much less space than a regular neck pillow.



This is such a great item!  We’ve used it so many times over the years!  Up to 5 users can plug in their headphones or earbuds to listen to the same music or movies.  This works great with kids on road trips or when flying.  I use it a lot with my husband when flying, we use the above tablet stand and this headphone splitter so we can each watch a movie at the same time on my iPad.  I highly recommend this!



I like to take a travel pillow & blanket with me on all trips, whether road trips or air travel.  Another multi-purpose item, I use the pillow for lumbar support because I’ve learned the hard way the airlines hardly ever pass out pillows and the seats kill my back.  It’s also the perfect back pillow for long road trips.  I love how if I get cold at any time I can quickly unzip and remove the blanket, and afterwards it easily folds back up.  Sometimes we even use it in the hotel room when we are low on blankets.  I also love this leopard one (not from Amazon), it’s always with me!



These are an amazingly affordable alternative to other expensive headphones!  At around $40 these babies do a great job of reducing noise and they sound great.  We’ve tried out so many headphones over the years and these are the clear winners, and bonus, they fold up after use, saving travel space.



Is it just me or does everyone else gag at the thought of putting dirty shoes in their suitcase?  If you’ve never thought about that I bet you are now!  This isn’t ideal just for germaphobes but also protect your shoes from scuffs and damage.  That’s another bonus for me, I’m always worried about my shoes scratching or scuffing.



OMG we’re obsessed with traveling with hooks!  We’re major hookers, haha – you know I just had to say that.  It seems like when we stay in hotels there is never enough counter space or hooks.  So our solution is to buy over the door hooks and we can easily hang everything from bathrobes and towels to almost dirty but still usable clothes and toiletry bags.  You can use the over the door hangers with multi hooks but I find they take up a lot more travel space than singles.  We just stack several singles on a door, just remember to pack them when you leave.  We’ve left a few at hotels before, it’s very easy to do.  I may spray paint the tips or add a colorful ribbon for this trip, we can’t leave them again!



Like I said above, there seems to never be enough bathroom countertop space when we travel, especially when we bring all the kids.  And there have been a few times we’ve just had a pedestal sink in the hotel – I’m talking about you NYC – and there is literally nowhere to put anything!  Just find a towel rack or bring your own hooks and this hanging toiletry bag will save you!  Brian and I each have our own for toiletries, and I have a separate one just for organizing my jewelry and accessories.  This larger version can accommodate full size bottles for longer trips.



I’ve noticed from reading so many hotel reviews that people like to complain a lot about noise, whether it’s outside traffic noise or thin walls.  It’s such a simple solution to bring a sound machine.  Because Brian snores I’m just in the habit of always bringing one with us.  There’s a high and low setting and the sides rotate to get the exact white noise sound pitch your looking for.  It’s also very useful when traveling with kids who wake up easily.  I keep one in our guest bedroom too.


I love having a sleeping eye mask that gives me freedom to blink and move my eyes without smashing them down!  A huge plus for the ladies who don’t want mascara smeared onto their face and for those with eyelash extensions.



How many times have you gotten to the hotel room at the end of the day with a bunch of dead devices and not enough chargers?  This one charges 4 devices at once, and it comes with international plugs too so you can take it overseas!  We use this charger every time we stay in a hotel.



And speaking of charging your devices, I’m sure you know what I mean when you’re on vacation and you’re using your phone or tablet to take pictures and videos, look up restaurant reviews, or direct you to your destination but your battery dies before it’s even noon.  And you don’t want to have to go stand next to a plug for an hour while you get a recharge.  This portable battery charger is a lifesaver, providing over 4 complete charges at a time, and you can’t beat this price!



Lint happens and I recommend keeping a lint roller on you at all times when possible – especially for traveling!  This roller retracts keeping it clean and preventing it from sticking to anything.  It comes in other colors and there are refills too.


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