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I’ve always wanted to explore the charming neighborhood of Notting Hill so when we were able to find a hotel inside the neighborhood we jumped at the chance to stay.  When we were spending our last few days in Italy we kinda had a ruh-roh moment and realized we hadn’t booked our London hotel.  

With all the great areas to stay in London it’s easy to get overwhelmed where exactly to stay, and overwhelmed is definitely how I was feeling.  As we sat at our beachside cafe sipping prosecco scrolling through hotels we suddenly saw The Premier Notting Hill.  It was perfect, we really didn’t have a strong plan for London.  A little over a year ago when we visited we hit all the big tourist attractions, so this time it was perfect to be a little more off the grid.

I was really excited to explore the neighborhood but I had no idea what to expect.  Any knowledge I had of Notting Hill was based strictly off the movie with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.  Notting Hill did not disappoint!   It’s oozing with charm from the colorful townhomes to the quirky cafes and the flowers overflowing from baskets and window boxes.  Most of the areas were quiet and felt very secluded, but you can still find plenty of energetic streets full of people, shopping, and activity.

My favorite things about walking the pretty little streets of Notting Hill were all the colorful doors and the abundance of gorgeous flowers growing everywhere.  I love how people can express themselves through their colorful painted doors, every color you could imagine from bright pink to rich blues and even glossy black for those more reserved.  It was hard not to take photos of every door I saw!  

Some of the homes were perfectly renovated and manicured while others were had more of a weathered English look – and both complimented the neighborhood quite nicely.  There are plenty of hotels, plenty of cafes and shopping, plenty of everything.

The neighborhood is near Hyde Park and Kennsington Palace, but It may be a little far from the center of London and some attractions.  But if you’re wanting to step back and little and get more of a local vibe then you should definitely visit Notting Hill, even if it’s just for the day.