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I’m back up and running now – although a bit slowly – so let’s talk about Brighton!  I have a ton of vacation posts to write but I felt the urge to start with Brighton, I guess because it makes me think of the beachy summer and I feel summer slipping away quickly!  I would describe Brighton as a cheery, vibrant beach town, it’s weathered, it’s quirky, and most of all it’s fun!

My human functioning level is slowly getting back to normal, I think I’m at 70% now, but considering I came home from vacation at 4% I think I’m doing pretty good.  I did manage to get out of my bathrobe and put workout clothes on yesterday,  I’m not sure if workout clothes count as putting on real clothes though… hmmm.

Our trip to Brighton was spontaneous.  We were looking for some day trips to mix up our time in London and I kept wanting to experience a beach in England.  It was an easy train ride from London, about an hour I’d say, with trains leaving often.  Once we stepped out of the train station we spent the entire day walking the area by foot.  We first stopped at the Royal Pavilion.  The Royal Pavilion was built in 1787 for George, Prince of Wales.  The architecture inside and out really is stunning, my favorite was the dragon chandelier.  No indoor photographs are allowed but I did find some interior photos here and you can read a little more about the history too.

After spending time at the pavilion we walked over to Veeno for a glass of wine and then stopped at The Coal Shed for lunch.  Reservations are recommended for this place, the food is truly awesome!

After lunch we took a short walk towards to the beach.  I must say pebble beaches are really starting to grow on me.  It feels awesome leaving a beach without sand stuck all over you, I hate sand.

We walked down to the beach and the sun and salty breeze felt so good that we ended up taking a little nap.  It was awesome and peaceful listening to the seagulls and the waves crash.  We pretty much looked like that couple below all spread out on the pebbles, surprisingly it was not that uncomfortable chillin on a bunch of tiny rocks.

After our nap we walked along the beach towards the pier, here you’ll find lots of fun stuff like ice cream, a carousel, and the Brighton Afloat Sculpture.

The Afloat sculpture is basically a giant graffiti covered donut along the sea, hey… remember I mentioned Brighton as being weathered and quirky??  It’s definitely a fun sculpture to take photos of, even though the sun and the other tourists didn’t cooperate with us.  Lots of people like to fish in this area too.

Brighton Palace Pier is a really fun place to hang out and soak up some salty sea air.  A lot of Brighton Beach reminded me of Galveston.  On the Pier you’ll find a few places to eat, games, rides, and chairs to relax and take in the view.

We ended up at Victoria’s Bar, in the Palm Court, on the pier with gorgeous views of the ocean.  We relaxed here quite a while and ordered dessert.  This was one of the yummiest desserts I’ve ever eaten.  How could I say no to a gluten-ree brownie sundae with caramel popcorn?  It was awesome!  I refused to share, Brian had to order his own.

After stopping at some beach souvineer shops across from the beach we walked back to the train station.  We were here mid-week so it wasn’t that crowded.  Brighton is an easy train ride from London and makes a great day trip for those who live in the area or those just on vacation in the area.

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