I’m back with another Europe post, I actually have a few more left that I want to write.  I needed a little mini break, but now I’m ready to share Windsor Castle with you!  You might say we we’re fans of Harry and Meghan, we all got up at 5 am to watch the wedding and had a breakfast party!  So yeah… when we were in England we just had to go visit.

The town of Windsor is an easy train ride from London and makes for a perfect day trip.  We spent the entire day on foot, it’s really easy to navigate.  The first thing we did was stop for lunch at Thames View Restaurant and Bar inside the Sir Christopher Wren Hotel.  It had a gorgeous river view and we enjoyed watching the boats and swans as we ate.  After lunch we took a short walk up the hill to the castle.

One thing I didn’t get unfortunately is any interior photos of the castle.  It’s not allowed, and they really watch for that too.  The Queen says no to interior photos and that is that.  That also includes St. George Chapel and certain areas outside on top of the Round Tower.  However we were allowed to take plenty of exterior photos, and also took many in the beautiful town of Windsor.

Walking inside St. George Chapel was certainly an amazing experience!  The architecture is just so stunning that I can’t get over it.

Tickets to the top of the Round Tower were extra but worth it.  It’s a lot of stairs to the top but the views are amazing.  I was excited when our guide told us on the way up that he was the man in the red coat checking the invitations at Harry and Meghan’s wedding.  I found this very exciting, because honestly I found him familiar looking but had no idea why.  He said there were a few celebrity meltdowns and diva moments because a few guests forgot their invitations… he refused to say who though.  Hmm…

So, unseen is the left side of the tower.  It overlooks the Queen’s rooms so photos are simply not allowed, she did have some pretty curtains though.  Straight off the tower was the long road that Harry and Meghan took a carriage ride after the ceremony and the rest had really nice city views, you could even see planes descending into Heathrow.

Of course being summer in Europe and after the Royal Wedding it was crowded, that was the only negative.  There are little shops inside the castle grounds and places to stop and get a snack or some ice cream.  Sadly the Queen was not in the castle that day, if she is they fly a special flag.  Not that we would have gotten to see her, it just would of been a cool feeling to know she was there, I think she was in Scotland during the time.  Then when we went to Scotland she had just gone back to England, haha… how’s that for luck?

After touring the castle we walked around the quaint little town of Windsor, it’s just oozing with charm.  Here are some of our photos.

After some shopping and a bit more exploring we ended up having dinner at the Mango Lounge.  The food was wonderful, if I was the Queen I would be ordering take-out from there every week!  It was a long day trip and we were really tired at the end of the day but it was certainly worth it.

I loved Windsor even more than I thought I would.  Next time we visit England Brian and I want to stay several days in Windsor, there are lots of hotels and it’s simply gorgeous.  Until next time.


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