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Okay, the day has finally come for the last Europe travel post.  You may or may not have read yesterday, but I explained how I thought the blog was becoming stale and lacking variety with such a heavy focus on travel.  I wanted a break from exclusively talking about it, but I probably did delay it a bit too long.  So let’s talk about our stay in Edinburgh, Scotland!

Let’s start with some photos of the gorgeous architecture of the city!

We stayed at the Radisson Collection Hotel, Royal Mile and the location was perfect!  Close to so many attractions and restaurants, and walking distance to the Edinburgh Castle, which you can just barely see in the background. Because of the natural terrain some areas had cross streets that were maybe 50 feet higher or so, creating upper and lower sidewalks, it was really cool.  You can see an example of that below.

The weather in Scotland is crazy.  It can literally be warm, then suddenly cold.  The skies can be blue and within minutes heavy storm clouds can roll in, a lot of days the skies just went back and forth from blue to gray.

It never poured rain on us in Edinburgh but we did have lots of mist.  It wasn’t enough to really justify an umbrella but was enough to keep my hair in full frizz and highly poofed.  Hence no photos of us.  Plus I was really tired from traveling and just not having it.

Here is a statue of a very important man with a bird on his head.  If you read my summer travel posts you know we get a kick out of birds.  I mean you remember birdhenge right??

The crowds were heavy in our area due to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Everyday you could see local street performers performing various things and they were so extremely talented!

If you’re wondering what to buy while visiting Scotland, that would be cashmere.  You can find cashmere shops everywhere with just about every shade of tartan you can imagine.

I remember it was quite chilly walking up the long hill to Edinburgh Castle, and this was in August!  It was misty and the skies were gray but the views from the top were incredible!  There are many things to see and nooks to explore on the castle grounds as well as a restaurant overlooking the city.  Below are some of our views from the castle.

Can we talk about all the amazing food we had?  The Gardener’s Cottage was certainly a favorite.  It’s away from tourist attractions an in a quieter area, with incredible food, perfectly paired wine and lush gardens to explore.

We ate at Tower Restaurant on our anniversary that had beautiful castle views.  Angels with Bagpipes had a great cozy vibe and Cannonball Restaurant & Bar is right outside the castle and I highly recommend it!

We also took a few day trips from Edinburgh, so if you haven’t read up on our trip to Inveraray Castle and the Scottish Highlands be sure to do so.  I can’t believe it’s November tomorrow, Happy Halloween!  I’ve got some exciting projects, tips, and outfits to share soon.