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Hello lovebugs, how’s the pre-holiday and cold weather season treating ya??  I’m here rockin’ the freezing weather in red.  Red has been a huge color trend this fall, but what I really love is how it says HELLO!  When you wear a bright pop of red people will notice you, and we all deserve to be wrapped with confidence in red.  So I say wear a red coat this season!

The weather has been so cold where I live, so even though I bought this coat a while back it just made its debut.   I’ve mentioned how I’m deep in the Christmas decorating trenches, it’s been brutal, but this amazing coat has put a little pep back into my exhausted step!

I must admit last night I put my hair up in a tight hair bun, then took a boiling hot bath, and went to bed.  I took it down a few hours before our photoshoot thinking it just gave me glamorous volume.  The reality is it gave me weird head poof with pointy hair spots.  But, I’ve got no time for hairstyling when I still have pinecones to hot glue.  I also realized half way through the photos I forgot to buckle a strap on my boots…. whatever.  I’m just happy I remembered to put on pants and I don’t have a candy cane stuck to my ass.

I’m wearing my usual size 4 and it’s a bit loose in the waist so wearing bulkier clothing in the future won’t be a problem.  I love the red and gold buttons, and they’re also in the back, so cute!  By the way the faux fur collar is detachable so you basically get 2 looks with one coat.  I love the vivid polished look a red coat gives, don’t you?

Red Coat | Black Jeans | Earrings | Booties

Tomorrow I’m going to show you another craft project I’ve been working on.  Christmas home tour is coming soon, Brian and I should be photographing it this weekend.  He’s going to need lots of coffee and kisses to get through it.