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Port Wine Ice Cream dessert

Hello loves, I’m sharing my favorite dessert today!  I actually meant to get this recipe out sooner, but wow it is hard to photograph ice cream.  I mean everything will look good, and I’ll blink and it’s a melted puddle!  I think we finally got it though.  I made these for my sister and brother in law before Christmas and they loved these yummy port wine chocolate pecan parfaits just as much as we do.  I just really get a kick out of eating ice cream in a wine or parfait glass, it makes me feel fancy.  By just adding a few ingredients you transform regular ice cream into a gourmet luxury experience.

Port Wine Ice Cream dessert

If you’re wondering how this recipe came to be, we went to a wine bar once that had port wine and ice cream for dessert.  Brian and I tried it and were instantly hooked.  Around Christmas I had lots of my brown sugar cinnamon spiced nuts and one day I threw some on my port wine & ice cream and added chocolate syrup, and an even more amazing dessert was born!  Not only does this taste incredible it’s so easy to throw together!

port wine dessert

Those of you unfamiliar with port wine, it’s considered a sweet dessert wine meant for sipping.  You can use any port wine you like but I recommend the Kopke 20-year Tawny port.  It’s amazing!  For the pecan topping you can buy store bought, but why not try my recipe?  It’s devine and you can make it in minutes.

easy gourmet desserts

I’ve listed the ingredients below, in no certain quantities.  It’s up to you, add a little or a lot of the wine and toppings.  I say a lot though!

Port Wine Chocolate Pecan Parfaits


  • Vanilla ice cream
  • port wine
  • candied pecans - I recommend using my brown sugar cinnamon spiced nuts from the blog
  • Chocolate syrup


  • Scoop vanilla ice cream into wine or parfait glasses.
  • Pour port wine over ice cream, drizzle with chocolate syrup, and top with pecans.

what to do with port wine

If you love wine and ice cream then try this recipe and tell me you’re not hooked!  You can shop some of my favorite kitchen items below.