Birthday Cake DIY Body Scrub

We have a birthday in our house this week so we are gearing up for a fun week filled with birthday treats!  My girl Ash is turning 15 at the end of the week, but we like to find fun ways to celebrate all week long.  To combine our love of the spa and birthday fun we’re making a simple birthday cake body scrub.  It’s a perfect way to indulge in some birthday cake without all the calories, and it’s incredibly easy to make too!

To get that delicious birthday cake smell I used basic vanilla essential oil, I found it in the soap making aisle at a craft store, you can also buy this version from Amazon.  You can use any brand of coconut oil… I love Trader Joe’s organic coconut oil.  You can use just regular food coloring and sprinkles from the grocery store.

DIY Coconut Body Scrub Recipe

It’s important not to melt the coconut oil, this will create a light fluffy texture and not dissolve the sugar.  This body scrub smells like birthday cake heaven!

Coconut oil body scrub recipe

You can absolutely leave out the drop of red food coloring, but we have white towels and I can tell you this tiny drop of food coloring will not stain your skin or leave color on white towels.  It’s so much more birthday fun having a pink body scrub though.  Just stick with 1 drop and you’re good to go!

Birthday Cake Body Scrub



  • In a medium size bowl add coconut oil and mix with a spoon until it softens up.  DO NOT MELT THE OIL or the texture will not be light and fluffy.
  • Add vanilla essential oil (and food coloring if using) to the coconut oil, stir to blend.  
  • Pour in sugar and mix well, add the sprinkles and mix again.
  • Store in a clean storage container and use within 2-3 weeks.

Birthday Cake Body Scrub

We love how amazingly soft our skin feels using this body scrub!  It also makes a great hand scrub at the sink to beat winter dry hands.

As with all our homemade body scrubs, it’s best to store in a cool, dry location and use within 2-3 weeks. You’ll want to be careful that water stays out of they jar while in the shower, or the scrub could start to dissolve.

Birthday Cake Body Scrub

Updated 2/7/22  This one one of my most popular body scrub recipes and I thought it would be helpful to answer some questions I always get asked.

Question: Will the sprinkles bleed?

Answer:  I guess that depends on what type of sprinkles you use.  I used basic rainbow sprinkles from the grocery store and they have never bled color into the mixture.

Question:  Do the sprinkles spoil?

Answer:  I recommend using homemade scrubs within 2-3 weeks but life happens and occasionally I’ll find a scrub in the cabinet that’s several months old.  It’s never spoiled or changed in odor but it’s a little drier.  Still usable though.

Question:  Will this attract ants?

Answer:  If you have ants already in your house and the container doesn’t have the lid on tight then maybe.  Ants do love sugar after all.  Make sure the lid is on tight and rinse off any sugar residue outside the container or in your shower when you’re done.  Also get liquid ant baits from Home Depot, they really work!

Looking for more scrubs to make?  Try my Coconut Lime Body Scrub, enjoy!



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  1. I love to make gifts for people and scrubs are among my favorite things to make. Never ceases to maze me how something so small like a gift of body scrub or a salt scrub can make people so happy. This was a big hit she loves it! Thank you for sharing.