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Home decorating can seem overwhelming to people in many ways, and let’s be honest, budget is a big factor for most of us.  Have you ever thought about how just a few simple changes can have a huge impact on your home?  With a little thought and patience you can easily transform your home into a dreamy spot full of character.  Decorating feels challenging at times… trust me I know, but I’m here to show you some simple and affordable ways to tackle the design process.

Over the years I’ve learned some simple, effective, and affordable ways to easily add style.  So today I’m excited to share with you my 12 simple ways to decorate your home on a budget.  I’ve been wanting to share these tips with my readers for the longest time, and I’m thrilled to finally do so.  Decorating is my passion, so let’s get started!

Paint budget decorating tips


When it comes to home decor and style it all starts with paint, the possibilities are endless.  It’s amazing what a can of paint can do for a room, and the mood it can create.  Open a can of paint and suddenly you have a new room, and it’s not just for walls.  With so many paint stores now offering samples, deciding on a color isn’t nearly as stressful as it used to be.


When it comes to decorating on a budget paint is #1 in my book, but upgrading your lighting is definitely #2.  I think of ceiling lights as jewelry for you home.  I did a blog post very early on this topic, and it’s the perfect way to get a wow factor.  Now, I have been known to buy some pricey chandeliers and other light fixtures, but this doesn’t always need to be the case.  It’s so easy to find affordable lights with style.  This light looks very close to my kitchen table one and it’s a fraction of the price!   Older outdated lights can get a fresh new look with a bit of paint and magnetic crystals, I love magnetic crystals!

How to decorate your home on a budget


Mirrors reflect light, add sparkle, and can be used nearly anywhere.  You can find a wide variety of styles that suit any taste, and it’s especially easy to find great deals at garage sales and thrift stores.   When you find a great mirror style or shape never let it go, sometimes all it needs is paint for a whole new look!  Large floor mirrors have a wow impact, but it’s also fun to collect them and have a grouping of smaller mirrors.  Every time I go into thrift shops I usually see a great mirrors.


Want to quickly add style to a room?  Try a large inexpensive area rug.  It’s easier than ever to find great styles and patterns at an affordable price.  IKEA is always a winner, but I’m also a huge fan of indoor/outdoor rugs.  They may not be as soft as some rugs but they’re so affordable, kid and pet friendly too!  On a warm summer day you can just hose them off in the driveway!  I’m especially a fan of the outdoor rugs at Ballard Designs and they frequently have sales too.  We have this chevron indoor/outdoor rug in our bedroom and it’s been so easy to keep clean.  I frequently spill coffee on it and you can’t even tell!

How to decorate by using spray paint


Yes, I added paint again, because in the decor world spray paint is a gift from God.  What can I say…  this girl loves spray paint.  You can take pretty much anything ugly and spray paint will make it look better.  I’m especially fond of gold and bronze spray paint, anything dull or outdated spray paint it for fresh new life, and don’t forget about furniture.  Yes you can spray paint furniture, it’s such a fun and fast way to refinish furniture.  Be sure to check out my tutorial on how to spray paint furniture.

How to decorate your home on a budget


A lot of us already have instant decor at our fingertips we just don’t realize it!  Who’s to say a gorgeous pair of shoes can’t be on display?  Those wine corks or seashells you’ve been saving?  Put them on display in a bowl.  Old cards can easily be framed too.  Those apples you eat every morning can easily be decor in an elegant bowl.  Walk around your home and find inspiration.


There is an old school decorating rule that every room should have 3 sources of light.  Layering light is such an effective way to add ambience to a room, plus lamps add interest and style!  It’s now easier than ever to find affordable lamps to create your own look, and don’t forget you can spray paint or switch out lamp shades.  So the next time you have a blank spot consider a table or floor lamp for a great day or night look.

How to decorate your home on a budget


Black and white photos are so classic and timeless, they go with all decor.  This is a favorite budget trick of mine, camera phones are now so high quality, and with apps and filters you can easily black and white your own photos creating endless style.  Even Walgreens can add a black and white filter giving your photos such a classic style, and almost always have a coupon code making prints in a variety of sizes super affordable.


A little bit of color and pattern can take a dull room from drab to fab in minutes!  Add a colorful throw or some patterned items to any room for visual interest.  Bed and sofa pillow covers can be made or purchased on sale for great prices, and don’t forget about paint!  Paint is a huge answer to many decor issues.  That drab bookshelf might look fabulous painted turquoise, and how about new striped and floral pillow covers for your sofa?

Budget decorating tips


Window treatments add pizazz and personality to any room.  It’s becoming much easier to find amazing and affordable window treatments, you can often find great selections at places like Pier One or Target in an incredible variety of colors and patterns.  Also when light or privacy is not an issue consider removing window treatments altogether.  You can’t get any more affordable than that, and the beautiful natural light will brighten and enhance any room.


Thank goodness the days of boring matchy-matchy furniture are over!  Pulling in different furniture colors and textures adds personality to a room.  This also gives you the opportunity to buy pre-owned, watch for major furniture sales and test out your DIY painting skills.  This allows you to develop your own individual style and for a fraction of the cost.

Budget decorating tips


Every room needs a splash of green.  Plants are an affordable way to add life and texture to a room.  There are so many varieties of plants that are easy to care for, so have no fear if you have a brown thumb.  It’s kind of hit or miss when it comes to me keeping indoor plants alive, but I find snake plants extremely easy to care for as well as cheerful succulents.

Budget decorating tricks

Everyone deserves a well decorated home and that doesn’t mean breaking the bank.  With a little creativity you can have a home that is YOU and within your budget.