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Space efficient master bedroom decor

Hey friends I’m back and ready to reveal our space-efficient master bedroom!  First off all, in a June or July blog post I mentioned that I would soon have our bedroom up on the blog… well everything went wrong.  Yeah, I jinxed myself.  Our plan was to replace all the flooring in our house with hardwood floor and we decided to start with our bedroom.  Well, after our bedroom floor was completed we soon found out that our Home Depot floor was discontinued and we had bought the few last boxes.  Cue the meltdown.  We had everything timed perfectly… our 800 pound Pottery Barn bed had just been delivered on top of the new discontinued floor.  Talk about a nightmare…we somehow managed to remove the old floor and reinstall the new floor with our massive bed in the room.  Let’s just say it involved some heavy lifting, propping, and tilting.  Anyways…all drama aside I love our bedroom.  It’s incredibly small, but we put a lot of thought and care into maximizing our space as much as possible.  Every little detail was thought out.

But before I get too far ahead of myself let’s see some before photos.  This room is crazy small!

ugly bedroom before photos

ugly bedroom before photos

how to decorate a small bedroom

Clearly we had no room for a dresser or chest so I knew a storage bed was the way to go.  Our tiny bedroom could have benefitted from a queen size bed, but having all kinds of sleep issues I refused to give up my king.  So we went with the king size Raleigh Upholstered Square Tall Bed.  With 4 large spacious drawers built into the bed it’s a perfect solution for us.  We chose the same fabric as our old sofa, the Everyday Performance Velvet in buckwheat.  I mean that fabric is tough!  With this bed I can honestly say I don’t miss having a dresser at all.  I can walk to bed, pull the drawers out with my foot and put on my PJ’s.  That’s lazy girl happiness!

how to decorate a small bedroom

Space saving bedroom ideas

With our large king size bed taking up most of our bedroom space my attention quickly turned to the nightstands.  One afternoon while going over the room plans I suddenly realized there wasn’t enough space to have a traditional nightstand and have clearance for the bed drawers to open.  So that’s how the floating nightstand idea was born.  We taped off our space and knew every inch we had, I found a talented furniture maker on Etsy that was the perfect solution.  The drawer generously holds all our necessary nightstand essentials, I added the brass knobs for a little flair.

Floating nightstand charging station ideas

Having the furniture up off the floor visually opens up the room and tricks the eye to thinking it’s larger.  So our floating nightstands were definitely a win.

One of the many home trends I’ve been wanting to try was pendant lights in place of traditional nightstand lamps.  Our nightstands being 18 inches wide there is no room to waste, so pendant lights were a perfect solution regardless of trends.  Absolutely no space is wasted, we’ve got the full maximum space without the bulk of a lamp base.

When you have a small bedroom and plan on going with floating nightstands it’s extremely important to pay attention to plugs and charging stations.  We had plugs and our pendant light switches wired right under the nightstands.  You can’t see them unless you bend down and look for them.  I charge my iPad, phone, and laptop right inside my nightstand shelf and no cords can be seen.  It’s a clean look without cords flying around everywhere… so important for a space-saving bedroom.  Clutter is the enemy!

Small bedroom decor ideas

Summer days can get warm in Colorado, I knew I wanted a ceiling fan in our room but didn’t want the look of a traditional ceiling fan.  With a lot of research I found the perfect decorative solution.  When you want a ceiling fan with the look of a modern chandelier you get a fandelier.  It looks like a beautiful modern light but if you look closely it has fan blades and it puts out a lot of air.  We’ve been so impressed, this amazing fan kept us cool on the warmest summer nights.  No our ceiling fan isn’t dusty and dirty… if it looks that way on your computer you’ve probably got a virus and need to get that checked out.

Small bedroom decor ideas

The old gallery frames from our previous guest bedroom worked perfectly in the room.  I printed some images from my Trail Ridge post in black and white.  I have such a thing for black and white photos!  They’re just so versatile and timeless.

We kept the room light and bright with Benjamin Moore Simply White on the walls and trim, our knotty alder doors are clear coated with Minwax Satin, and I love how our glass doorknobs provide just the right amount of sparkle!  When our special order bedroom floor was discontinued we decided to go with a basic in-stock engineered wood floor.  We went with the ever so budget friendly Home Legends Wire Brush Natural Hickory.  It’s not a perfect floor but it’s easy to install, budget friendly, and looks amazing. We decided to finish our room with this cozy little rug from Pier One.

Small bedroom decor ideas

Small bedroom decor ideas

Not wanting to overwhelm the room, we kept accessories nice and clean and to a minimum.  Our Samsung Frame TV has great clean lines, a low profile, and lots of different art options to pick from.  I’ve been telling Brian how this TV will save us money… I constantly crave new art with every season, so this TV is a win!

Samsung Frame Smart Art TV

I put my faithful white duvet to work, it’s going on 10 years old!  I love white bedding, not just because it’s a clean look but it’s also versatile, and you can pretty much layer it with any color or pattern.  So in gearing up for fall and winter we went with this delicious red velvet quilt.  It’s so soft and warm, I love Pottery Barn quilts… they last forever!

Pottery Barn velvet quilt

I love the organic warmth from the teak wall art as well.

teak wood wall art

Inside our closets are mostly finished but still in the works.  We have tiny his and hers closets, the original closet area I kept for myself and Brian took the living area coat closet and made into his own.  Again we’ve really maximized our small closet space thanks to The Container Store Elfa Closet Solutions.  They go on sale every January and with this being our second home to use Elfa closets I plan on showing you my favorite Elfa tips and tricks in December.  Just in time for the sale!  Just right outside my closet door I added a brass hook to hang my outfit or bathrobe.  Make your OOTD work for you and double as room decor!

Space efficient bedroom decor ideas

Space efficient master bedroom decor

In the future I might tweak some things in our room, in fact I left room for improvement as I grow with this room.  Keeping things light and bright for now was my goal, especially to maximize space.  However in the future I could see possibly painting the room a warmer neutral shade and possibly adding a tongue and groove stained accent wall behind the bed.  For now I’m quite happy, but having future ideas if I get bored with the room in a few years is a great backup plan.

Bedroom decor ideas

See anything you love in this room?  I’ve got it all linked below.  I use affiliate links and receive a very very small commission if you make a purchase.   However you can rest assured any extra income I receive from my blog my daughter will suck all away, she just got accepted to UT and that means we’re now poor.

It’s been so great to be back blogging with ya!  I’ve got some fun fall blog posts coming up and as soon as we finish the living room floor and baseboards they will be up on the blog.  I’m thinking in another week or so??  Then again I don’t want to jinx myself.


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