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DIY Valentines Day Garland
We’ve been snowed in all week, it was fun at first until suddenly it wasn’t.  After binge watching way too much Netflix I decided it was time to get a little crafty.  I’ve also been wanting to decorate for Valentine’s Day, but the reality is I have no idea where my decorations are.  Honestly I can’t even remember if they made it through our last move.  So hand made Valentine’s Day decor it is!

DIY Valentines Day Garland

Any time I decorate I always love to start with a festive garland along the fireplace mantel.  After scouring the house for crafting supplies I decided we needed to go old school, as in wax paper crayon old school.  This craft project brought out my inner child and she loved it.  I collected all the crayons in the house I could find and went to work.  My garland was done in no time and so fun to make!

How to make Valentines Day Wax Paper Garland


Wax paper


Cheese grater

Old towel


A heart shape to trace (candy lid, cookie cutter, anything you can find)

Pen or pencil


Hole punch

String, yarn, or thin ribbon


Wax paper crayon garland

1.  Remove paper from the crayons and shred using a cheese grater.  Thicker crayons are ideal, regular ones work fine too just go slow so they don’t break.

2. Cut out square or rectangular wax paper pieces and place them on an old towel to protect your surface.  Sprinkle grated crayons over the wax paper.  A little goes a long way!

3. Place another piece of wax paper on top.

4. With the iron set on low heat, iron the wax paper moving it around until you get the desired effect you want. If you’re worried about crayon residue you can place a paper towel or old rag on top.  The small amount of crayon residue I had easily wiped off my iron though.

5. Let the wax paper cool then trace around your heart pattern.

6. Cut around the pattern.

7. Punch holes in each side – you can punch several hearts at once to make it easier.  Then thread with yarn, ribbon, or twine.  All done!

How to make Valentines Day Garland


It gets a little messy grating the crayons, so definitely do this over a towel that way you can shake it out afterwards.

After chipping several nails while grating the crayons I decided to protect my fingers with a sock, what a difference that made!  An old glove would work too.

The crayon easily washed off the cheese grater so have no fear!  Just some hot soapy water and a sponge and you’re good to go!

Valentines Day Crayon Wax Paper Garland

Oddly enough, we could not find one single red crayon in the house but we found pink and purple aplenty, it’s so festive and cute!  Each heart has a unique stained glass effect!

How to make Valentines Day Wax Paper Garland

So make sure you save those old crayons, the color and pattern possibilities are endless!  I love using handmade decorations because they can be whipped up at the drop of a hat and are easy on the budget.  Plus if storage space is an issue you can always toss them, but I won’t be tossing this garland, it’s way too cute!