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We recently returned from a long weekend in Steamboat Springs for my daughter Ashley’s birthday.  My littlest is now 16, how is that even possible?  Sniff sniff.  She had such a blast… we all did, and I’m so excited to share it with you!  Steamboat Springs has lots of great skiing, but what if you visit in the winter and you don’t want to ski?  Don’t worry I’m here to give you tips on what to see and do in this snowy paradise!

*UPDATED 2/22/21 


Steamboat Snowmobile Tours

Some of the best snowmobile terrain around is found in Steamboat Springs!   I recommend Steamboat Snowmobile Tours for sure!  Our guide made sure we felt fully comfortable safety-wise before we started our tour.  We felt safe, had a blast, and saw some of the most gorgeous views we’ve ever seen!  Be sure to bundle up with waterproof pants, a coat, gloves, and snow boots.  Goggles are highly recommended too!  Helmets are required and provided.  Get more information and make reservations at

Steamboat Snowmobile Tours


Located about 45 minutes outside of Steamboat Springs is Snow Buddy Dog Sled Tours.  Here you’ll learn how to harness the dogs, give commands, and learn how to run your own dog team.  Drivers and riders can switch half way through to enjoy both experiences.  This was such an incredible experience for us!  Many of the dogs are rescues, so sweet and playful, and most of all they love to run!  You’ll also be treated to warm chocolate chip cookies and a nice hot drink to warm you up.  Many of the dogs are available for adoption after a certain age as well.


Steamboat Springs Colorado family activities

Enjoy some of the fluffiest most gorgeous snow around, perfect for snow angels, snowball fights….  or maybe you just want to give the snow a hug?  Bundle up and jump in, it’s good clean fun!

Things to do besides ski in Steamboat Springs, CO.


Colorado Hotsprings

I am quickly turning into a hot springs addict!  Seriously you just can’t beat relaxing in the winter Colorado beauty while soaking in toasty warm water.  The outdoor beauty is unreal here, it’s nature therapy!  There are several hot pools to choose from, and if you’re feeling brave there’s also a cold pool to plunge into.  As lovely as Strawberry Park Hot Springs was I feel I the need warn you about a few things.

First of all, the road to the hot springs is bad, and I mean bad!  It’s not paved and full of stomach turning potholes, an off road vehicle is ideal.  There is a shuttle I believe that can pick people up from the town as well.  Also be warned it’s CASH ONLY, no credit or debit cards are accepted.  The changing room is tiny, gender-neutral, and not very private – definitely have your swimsuit on under your clothes, the restrooms are also located ridiculously far from the hot springs and no showers are available.  Last, be warned it gets crowded very quickly – like 45 minutes after they open quickly!  If you can accept these issues than definitely go and enjoy the mineral benefits soaking in this beautiful spot!

Admission ranges from $15-20 depending on the time of year.  Be sure to bring your own towels, sandals, and a bathrobe.

Strawberry Park Hotsprings, Colorado

Strawberry Park Hotsprings, Colorado


Things to do besides ski in Steamboat Springs, CO

Sleigh rides aren’t just for the Christmas season.  The Steamboat Ski resort offers a sleigh ride dinner at their Scandinavian restaurant called Ragnars.  After riding up the gondola you’ll be given hot cocoa and blankets to snuggle up in before entering the sleigh.  It’s a 10 minute ride the top, you’ll breath in crisp mountain air, possibly catch the sun set, and see a sky full of stars on the way down after dinner.  It’s simply beautiful, and cold so dress warm. Ragnars is not accessible by road, and it’s definitely a fun experience.  If you want to avoid snow blowing in your face it’s best to sit with your back to the snowcat.  Reservations are required, visit for more information.


Things to do besides ski in Steamboat Springs, CO

I don’t know about you but I can never turn down a gondola ride, especially one that’s in a gorgeous winter wonderland.  This relaxing ride is a good 10 minutes with views aplenty.  There is a restaurant, lounge, and small ski shop at the top, so you can stretch your legs and grab a bite if you like.  It’s definitely a fun experience.

Things to do besides ski in Steamboat Springs, CO


Steamboat Springs in the winter

Whether snow or shine, Steamboat Springs has breathtaking wintery views nearly every place you go!  Sometimes you just need to relax and soak up all the gorgeous views!  Be sure to take in every moment from downtown to the mountain range!

Steamboat Springs winter activities


Steamboat Springs Mountain Coaster

Steamboat Springs winter activities

The Outlaw Mountain Coaster is open year round, but nothing beats riding the coaster in the snow!  Each coaster has it’s own brakes so you control your own speed, whether it’s a slow relaxed ride or a heart pounding fast one you’ll be sure to love it!  The coaster operates every day from 11-6 pm and costs $20 per person.  Be warned, you’ll want to go more than once!


Things to do in Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs has an abundance of unique shopping and restaurants quietly located away from the ski areas.  If you’re not feeling the shopping vibe it’s still fun to just stroll down the street and take in the views and atmosphere.


Where to eat in Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs Colorado in the winter

There are so many amazing restaurants to pick from in Steamboat Springs you won’t ever go hungry!  Below we’ve listed our favorites.

Truffle Pig offers delicious food and great ski views! They have a happy hour with awesome outdoor seating, but be prepared for the ski crowds!  Dinner reservations are available on OpenTable.

Table 79 is located downtown and was probably the best restaurant we ate at, it’s my #1 restaurant pick.  The atmosphere is modern yet lively and fun with a long list of creative food to choose from.  Reservations are available on OpenTable.

The Cabin is a great place for a quick lunch near the ski area, the faux Aspen trees in the dining area added a cute charm too.  Reservations are available on OpenTable.

Salt and Lime has some of the best tacos I’ve tasted.  We’re always on the lookout for great tacos!  Be sure and try the queso too, it’s some of the best I’ve ever eaten.  Be warned it does get crowded so be prepared to wait during peak times.

Haizies is located at the top of the gondola.  It probably won’t be the best food you’ve ever eaten but it is pretty great considering you’re eating on top of a mountain.  You’ll find beautiful views while dining and a nice menu of foods to choose from.  Word of advice… avoid ordering anything with lobster and you’ll probably be happy.  Reservations are available on OpenTable but you can probably wing it and be ok.

Things to do in Steamboat Springs in the winter

So if you’re not a skier, or maybe you’re like me and just haven’t learned to ski yet (that will be happening next year) still be sure to visit Steamboat Springs in the winter season.  There is a ton of stuff to see and do!

Should you need any winter apparel for snow activities (like snowmobiling) you can rent clothing at Christy’s Sports in Steamboat Springs. There are plenty of hotels to pick from based on your needs, I recommend  I can’t wait to visit (and hopefully ski) this gorgeous spot again!