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Budget decorating ideas

Hello and Happy Friday… except is it really Friday?  With mandatory stay at home orders, is anyone really keeping track of the days?  It’s a struggle.  So, as we’ve all learned by now, being forced to stay at home is fun… for the first few days and then suddenly it’s not.  Days of binge-watching Netflix becomes boring and we must find creative ways to bring joy into our life.  An easy way to accomplish this is by creating small spaces, and I want to share how easy this is.  Whether you’re reading this now during the coronavirus chaos or reading this in the future, I’m here to share my love for creating lovely small spaces!

coffee table decor

Ask my Mom and she can vouch that I’ve always loved creating pleasing little spaces.  I remember being maybe 6 or 7 and I would spend hours setting up what I called “displays” on my shelves and furniture tops.  Yeah, I played with my toys sometimes, but mostly I had fun arranging them.  I would spend hours swapping different objects until I was satisfied then proudly show my Mom for approval.  Cut to many years later, and although my toys might be gone I still love creating these satisfying spaces.

These little spaces give your brain a boost of happiness and joy and I think we could all use a little of that!  It’s simple to do this without leaving your house or buying anything, and don’t we all love free home decor?  Take a moment and walk around your house, open cabinets, look in drawers, or in the pantry… you have so much to work with even if you don’t realize it!  I’m here to just show you a few examples of satisfying small spaces you can create but really the skies the limit.

easy tabletop decor ideas

easy tabletop decor ideas

Keeping fresh flowers on the table is my favorite, but that’s not always an option.  Once my flowers wilted for good I decided to create a pleasing tabletop buffet caddy that’s also functional.  Use a tray, plate, or charger along with jars, cans, or small cups and fill them with flatware, napkins, straws, or any other items you use regularly at meal times.

Small items can be grouped in the simplest way like I did on a napkin in our bathroom.  Place small bathroom items on a pretty napkin, piece of scrap fabric, or a small plate.  Bring out your pretty lotions and potions for pleasing eye decor.  I love walking into any room and seeing a cheerful thought out display.

How to decorate for free

Budget decorating ideas

When decorating small spaces you’ll want to follow this basic formula.

Start with a base of some kind.  This defines your small space, you can use any kind of fabric, a tray, basket, a book, or even a dinner plate.

Decide if you want if you want your space to be symmetric or asymmetric.

Group together objects that are different sizes and heights for the most pleasing affect. Think tall and short, narrow and wide.  Let your objects tell a story.

Add some life to your small space by adding a green plant, fresh fruit, or flowers if you have them.

Use different colors and textures, this can come from woven materials, trays, or even plants.  My cactus certainly adds some texture!  Be sure to vary your objects when creating the effect you want.

How to decorate small spaces

These are just a few examples of my recent small spaces, think about what you can do? Creating a home you love shouldn’t be hard or cost a fortune.  Go get creative and create a joyful happy space!