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How to dye polka dot easter eggs

Easter is just a few days away so it’s time to start decorating some eggs!  I like to try and stay away from store bought kits and come up with fun ideas of my own.  Last year we dyed Easter eggs using this simple rice method and I absolutely loved the way they turned out, but since our grocery store is out of rice I decided to hang on to what I have left.  So, we went the old fashioned way dying our Easter eggs, but this time with a polka dot twist.

These polka dot eggs were really easy to make and hello… they’re super cute!  All you need to make these polka dot eggs are just a few items that you probably already have.

Dye Easter eggs with painters tape

So how did we create these cute polka dots?  Blue painters tape and a hole punch!  I also tried address labels, and that did work but it was a lot more time consuming.  Once you get a rhythm down it goes pretty fast, and if you have someone helping you you’ll have your dots ready in no time.

I punched and Ashley took the dots off the hole puncher and placed them on the egg.  Most of our tape dots came out very easily but the few that did stick we pulled off with tweezers.  We used regular liquid food coloring from the grocery store and settled on neon pink.  We’ve got the girliest Easter eggs around!


Boiled eggs

Painters tape or address labels

Hole punch

Tweezers (optional but helpful)


Food coloring


Boiling water

Slotted spoon

Cooling rack

Paper towels


Start with hardboiled eggs that are cool and completely dry.

Tear off a piece of tape and secure one end to the table and hold the other end taut while you punch the tape.  A few might not fully punch, when that happened I just used scissors and cut off the stuck edges.  Most of our tape dots came out easily, a few did stick but were easy to remove.

Ways to dye easter eggs

Place the tape dots on the eggs making sure they are attached on all sides, then create a spot for the eggs to dry by placing a cooling rack over paper towels.

Ways to dye easter eggs

Mix 1/2 cup boiling water, 1 teaspoon vinegar, and 10-20 drops of food coloring in a cup and stir until blended.  Repeat for each color being used.  Let the dye cool down a bit then using a slotted spoon dip the eggs in dye for 3-5 minutes or until desired color is achieved. Remove with the slotted spoon and allow to dry on the cooling rack.  As you can see the tape dots stayed on while in the food coloring.

How to dye polka dot easter eggs

Let the eggs dry completely, about 10 minutes, to avoid smearing.  Peel off the tape dots and you’re done!

How to make polka dot easter eggs

With all the painting we do we always have blue painters tape hanging around, but you can experiment with other types of tape as well.  Like I mentioned above you can punch labels too, I thought it was a little trickier though.  Painters tape is ideal, it sticks well and removes easily too.  We used regular painters tape, I’m not sure if the plastic painters tape would punch as well.

How to dye polka dot easter eggs

I’m fully stocked up on eggs and I’m ready to create more pretty Easter eggs.  With egg leftovers we’ll be making a zesty egg and potato salad.  What are you’re favorite ways to use hardboiled eggs?  If you have any favorites leave them in the comments.  Have a Happy Easter!