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DIY Summer Hydrangea and Rose Wreath

Our back deck is nearly done, I’m just waiting on Brian to finish a few small details and then it will be up on the blog.  In the meantime I’ve noticed how lonely our door looks and decided to make a nice summery wreath for it.  I chose hydrangeas and roses because they’re my favorite summer flowers.  I’m in love with the contrast against our new teal door (Sophisticated Teal from Home Depot) and especially the striped bow!  Stripes are one of my favorite patterns ever, it goes with everything and always puts a smile on my face.

I know I’ve mentioned this before but I’m still mourning the loss of Pier One.  I’m tempted to walk around in a black veil.  Oh Pier One you were so good to me, and I especially loved buying your wreaths.  Sniff sniff.  So it’s time for me to step up my wreath making game, and this pretty summery hydrangea and rose wreath was a perfect way to dive back in.  It’s been so long since I made a wreath I forgot how much fun it is!  Below I’ll show you how I made this easy wreath in under 45 minutes.

DIY Summer Hydrangea and Rose Wreath


18 inch twig or vine wreath form

Hydrangea flowers

Rose flowers


Wire cutters (for the flowers)

2 inch wire ribbon

Craft wire

Hot glue gun, with extra glue sticks

DIY Summer Hydrangea and Rose Wreath


The hardest part of any wreath usually is making the bow, or at least for me it is.  I really hesitated showing you my bow making steps, only because I lack confidence in my skills.  I will say I chose a simple bow style and I really like the simplicity of it.  However, if you’re a bow making rock star feel free to make one of your own style.  There are lots of great tutorials on how to make more complex bows on YouTube.

How to make a simple bow

I like to keep my ribbon attached to the spool so I don’t waste any ribbon.  First I pull out a long tail, then I create my first loop and secure it with craft wire.  Next I make a second bow loop and attach it to the first loop with wire.

how to make a simple bow

I repeat the process on the other side making a third and fourth loop, again securing the ribbon with wire.  Once finished I cut the ribbon leaving a long tail to match the other side.  I generally prefer wire edged ribbon so it holds its shape better but it’s not essential.

how to make a simple bow

I use another piece of ribbon to finish the bow’s center.  Because wire edge ribbon can be bulky in tight spaces I cut the wire edges off.  From there I slightly scrunched the ribbon up for texture and tied a knot in the back.  You can trim the back ends of the knot if they show, or just leave them.  There you have it, a simple bow you can make in minutes, and I forgot to take a final photo… but you’ll see it below in a sec.

How to make a summer wreath

I love making my wreaths on the floor, I get a better visual than sitting at a table and I can also spread out all my stuff!  I bought hydrangea bushes because that’s what was on sale at my craft store and it was cheaper.  Using wire cutters snip the flower heads and leaves to a comfortable length.

How to make a summer wreath

There’s that bow finally!  I started by hot gluing my bow down leaving the ends unattached.  Then I glued the hydrangeas and the ends of the bow down.  I like my bow tails to have a fun flowy look, so I bended them and glued several small sections down.  This is another reason to use wire ribbon, to help shape the ribbon tails.  Lastly I finished the wreath by gluing in my leaves and roses.

DIY Summer Hydrangea and Rose Wreath

So easy!  Who really needs Pier One anyway??  I’m just kidding, I do… come back… come back to me please!  Wreaths can get a little expensive with all the floral and ribbon but I did buy most items on sale.  Here is a breakdown of the cost.


18 inch wreath form $3.99  – from Wal-Mart

Ribbon $1.99 (on sale half price) – from Hobby Lobby

Hydrangea bushes (on sale half price) $5.99 x 3 bushes = $17.97 – from Hobby Lobby

Roses (on sale half price) $3.49 x 3 = $10.47 – from Hobby Lobby

Hot glue sticks & wire, free, because I had them on hand

Grand total = $34.42

How to make a budget floral wreath

I used a giant suction cup to hang my wreath on the glass, you can usually find them in the floral section of craft stores.  If your door is metal they also have magnetic hooks too.

Budget hydrangea wreath tutorial

There you have it, a quick and easy summery wreath!   I hope you feel inspired to make your own wreath like mine or your make own glorious creation.  I have another hydrangea and rose themed blog post planned for later this week.  I love these happy flowers everywhere!