DIY 4th of July Tissue Paper Garland

Can you believe June is already coming to a close?  It’s time to start planning 4th of July festivities!  It’s funny, I’ve never been a fan of watching the fireworks.  In Texas it was always a miserable experience with extreme heat, bug bites, and insane traffic.  One year we sat in traffic nearly 2 hours!  This year with Covid-19 it was announced the fireworks were cancelled and I was instantly sad.  Yeah… I hate the fireworks but take them away I get even more sad!

Living in the forest, it is an absolute no-no when it comes to home fireworks, I’m not even risking it with sparklers, so I decided to really go overboard with patriotic decorations!  If you’re needing some fun, festive July 4th decor this garland is perfect for you.  Plus it’s very budget friendly, you can find red, white, and blue tissue paper from Walmart or the Dollar Tree for about $1 a package.

Once you get the rhythm down you’ll have this garland made in no time, I had my daughter help me and we flew through this project in no time!


Red, white, and blue tissue paper



How to make garland out of tissue paper


How to make garland out of tissue paper

To start, layer 3 sheets each of blue, white, and red tissue paper to make a total of 9 sheets.  If your tissue is different sizes cut it down so it’s all the same size.

Fold the tissue paper in half so you have a center crease and cut the tissue paper in half.  Then cut the 2 pieces each in half, so you end up with 4 strips of tissue paper.

How to make garland out of tissue paper

Don’t worry, your cuts don’t need to perfectly line up and the width of the tissue strips is up to you, mine were about 4-5 inches wide.

Take one tissue stack and staple down the center every half inch or so.

How to make garland out of tissue paper

Once you’re about an inch from the end of the tissue stack, overlap a new stack and staple.  Continue stapling down the tissue stack adding more tissue slices until you reach your desired length.

With scissors cut 1/4 inch strips all the way down one side of the tissue paper, leaving about a 1/2-inch center.  The thinner the cuts the better, wider cuts don’t fluff up as well.

DIY 4th of July Tissue Paper Garland

Now repeat cutting strips on the other side but have the cuts offset from each other, see the arrows above.  This helps the spine of the garland be stronger.

Remember it doesn’t need to be perfect, this craft project falls into the “you can’t screw this up” category and I love those!  If your cuts are crooked and wonky it won’t show once fluffed.

DIY 4th of July Tissue Paper Garland

All done, now it’s time to fluff!  With your fingers, fluff and scrunch the tissue until it’s nice and fluffy, be patient, it might take a bit!  Once you’re finished fluffing, if you see any visible staples just scrunch the tissue a little more.  The tissue garland is surprisingly tough, I got a little rough with mine and it was fine.

Budget DIY 4th of July Decorations

How to make 4th of July garland decorations

Budget DIY 4th of July Decorations

How cute and festive is this garland?  It’s the perfect DIY budget 4th of July decoration for some patriotic fun!  I love it on our fireplace mantel, but on the 4th I’ll be moving it outside to our back deck, I can’t wait!  I have more 4th of July projects I’ll be sharing very soon!



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