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Colorado cabin home before and after

I can’t believe it’s already been an entire year!  The time has really flown by, we’ve accomplished a lot but we still have quite a way to go!  We did take some time off in the fall and winter but now we’re back at it in full force.  We spend most evenings and weekends tackling projects, something is always sore on my body and 70 percent of my clothes are covered in paint.  It’s certainly been an adventure… an exhausting one at that, but with each space we improve it just motivates me to keep going.  Today I want to show you where we are a year later, current projects that aren’t finished, a few small spaces we’ve improved, and some future projects we have planned.

If you’re new to my blog and curious about some of our past home projects I’ve linked them below:

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Here are some before photos:

Colorado cabin before and after progress

Ok, so I never got the chance to update the front of our house because there were always tools and equipment everywhere… and then snow season hit, but here we are!  We replaced the front door, painted the house, took out the upstairs patio door by the chimney and replaced the house lights.

Next on our list is to paint the roof the same color as the garage.  If it were a deep shade of green I think I’d leave it but nope it’s a hideous faded mint chocolate chip ice cream green.  We also hope to tweak the vent near the door so it’s less noticeable.

Colorado cabin before and after progress

The main part of the house is painted Rockies Brown and the garage and trim are Appalachian Brown both by Benjamin Moore.  I obsessed on finding the perfect shade of teal for the front door and ended up with Sophisticated Teal from Home Depot.  I absolutely love it!

Home Depot Sophisticated Teal front door

Exterior Lights | Wreath (It’s Pier One so act fast)

Colorado cabin before and after progress

This nightmarish space is a work in progress and it’s slowly improving.

Colorado cabin before and after progress

We’ve replaced the exterior door that leads into a small outdoor closet.  The blue metal retaining wall will eventually go, but it won’t be easy.  For now we’ve decided just to paint it so it’s less hideous.  I actually just finished painting all our blue retaining walls and the metal stairs, I just haven’t taken a photo… sorry!  It looks much better!!

Ugly entryway makeover

Now on to the entryway and basement area.  I get nauseous looking at these before photos, still unfinished but this space has drastically improved.

Entry wall progress

Ceiling Light | Hardwood Floor 

basement before and after

This space will be the next reveal on the blog, but for now here’s a little sneak peak.  We’ve referred to this space as the basement and I’m not exactly sure why.  You definitely get basement vibes down here but it’s not underground.  Our realtor referred to the space as a basement and I think the word just stuck, but we’ve decided to call this space a media room… and I’m so excited and ready for it to be finished.

media room design and progress

This space is a true work horse.  It will be our downstairs getaway space to read or watch TV, plus we’ve added an entry space and coat closet plus a utility closet for our washer and dryer.  All of our doors are on backorder, it’s been frustrating.  We just need doors and a few minor furnishings and decor items to finish this space.

As soon as we get our doors and Brian installs them I’ll stain them and it will be up on the blog, so excited!  I mentioned on Instagram how I posted this room to Houzz, asking a simple question and they hated it.  They shredded this room… I’ll go into all the drama during the blog reveal I promise!

Media room design and progress

Ceiling Light | Chandelier Lamp

basement before

Downstairs basement progress

Sorry about some of these photos!  Normally I like to stage our home photos (within reason) meaning I hide dirty shoes and cords and put away junk but I kind of snapped these pictures without thinking.  Sometimes I snap pics for my own personal use without thinking they could end up on the blog.

Attic before photo

Now for the loft, it’s a quirky L-shaped space that has lots of potential.  We added some furniture such as a queen bed, a chair, and a twin bed but it still needs a lot of work.  The living room ceiling flows into this space, so the ceiling is basically the only thing done.  I’ve ripped down the paneling and I’m still deciding what to do with the walls and floor.

I took these photos with my phone one day for Haley and I had no intention of putting them on the blog but now that Haley has moved up here with stuff everywhere a photo is impossible.  So I thought I’d go ahead and share these photos.  Really regretting not tucking the blankets and sheets in!!  Overall it’s a cute space and it has a ton of potential.

small attic loft design

Bed | USB Lamps | Curtains | Pillows 

attic before photo

attic loft design

Trunk (It’s Pier One so act fast) | Mannequin

Nasty sun room before

Now it’s time for the nasty sunroom update.  One day when we were self-isolating/quarantining/losing our mind I just started ripping the interior of this room out.  I was cooped up in the house and one day I just ripped out the carpet and paneling, and it felt good!  Then Brian slowly started to demo this space.  I’ve showed lots of video on Instagram… it’s just felt so good and I had to share.

Back porch demo

Back porch demo

I am so freakin excited about this space.  We plan to turn it into a cozy back deck.  We have a deck off the front of our house with a great view but this space just feels special.  It has a different cozy vibe back here and I love it.  I’m even more exited as to what happens when this small back deck is finished.  Then we start MEGA DECK!! Y’all I am so pumped about mega deck!

Back porch demo

Mega deck will be an awesome multi-level deck that extends off the side of the house past the tree. A majority of our land extends that direction and we’re excited to put it to good use.  We’ve come up with so many fun ideas for mega deck!

We plan on having a dining area, a wine bar rail with stools, a lounge section, a yoga deck, a hot tub, and an outdoor playground.  Yep, you heard me right!  I want an outdoor playground… after a few glasses of wine tell me you don’t want to swing and slide… haha!  I sure do and I’m a kid at heart.  It will definitely take a while but we’ll do it in phases.  It will be a lot of work but a lot of fun too.

ugly bathroom before

Our bathroom will probably be one of our last projects to finish.  The old laundry room is back behind the shower and we plan to combine the spaces for a larger bathroom.  Until then we just did some minor cosmetic improvements to make the space more bearable.  Ashley and I painted spots on the wall one day while we were snowed in during Covid isolation and it was really fun.

Cheap bathroom makeover

Light | Mirror

Our 1 year cabin home update

That’s all for now, but soon I’ll have the media room to reveal.  The world’s crazy right now and it’s 100% affected me and my ability to concentrate on my blog.  Thank you so much for your patience!  I’ve linked all the items I could find that are still for sale throughout my post.  I’m absolutely heart broken about Pier One leaving us, it was one of my favorite stores ever!  If you see something you like act fast before it’s gone forever!

Stay safe, wear a mask, wash your hands, and treat everyone with love and respect!



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