Let’s talk face masks… no not the ones you’re forced to wear out in public, the beauty kind!  It’s been a rough few months in the beauty department with the stores and salons closed.  My daughter Haley and I are rocking some pretty serious roots and I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be pampered in a salon or spa.  So we’ve been making easy beauty recipes at home, and this simple recipe has just 3 ingredients!  When it comes to DIY skincare recipes I’m all about simple and easy to find ingredients.

How to make a turmeric face mask with just 3 ingredients.

For this beauty face mask the winning ingredient is turmeric!  Consumed in food, turmeric gives the body tremendous health benefits, but did you know you can use it topically on the skin too?  Not only does it have anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, it also helps reduce acne and acne scaring, and overall it brightens the skin.  Being a woman in her 40’s with acne prone skin and having 2 teenage girls I’d say this DIY face mask is a winner!

DIY 3 ingredient face mask

Clearly turmeric is the all-star ingredient, but let’s not forget about the honey and greek yogurt.  Honey is anti-bacterial and helps to even the skin tone, and it is also moisturizing.  Yogurt contains lactic acid that helps exfoliate the skin and boost collagen, and it helps to prevent wrinkles.  Combining all 3 ingredients gives you an incredibly easy and effective at-home face mask for pennies!

How to make a turmeric face mask with just 3 ingredients.

The recipe below is enough to make 3-4 face masks depending on how thick you apply it.  Feel free to reduce this recipe for a smaller portion or double it if you need more.

3 Ingredient Turmeric Face Mask


  • 1 tbs turmeric
  • 1 tbs honey
  • 2 tbs plain Greek yogurt


  • In a small bowl, mix together all ingredients until blended.  
  • Apply an even layer to the skin for 15-20 minutes.
  • Rinse using a dark or old wash cloth and apply your regular skincare. 
    For extra exfoliation, once dry wet your finger tips and gently massage the skin, rinse, and apply your regular skincare. 
  • Use immediately or chill in the refrigerator until you're ready to use.  I love using this mask chilled, it really de-puffs and wakes your face up.  
  • Store leftovers in the refrigerator in a clean, sealed container and use within 5 days.  You can use this mask up to 3x a week.


How to make a turmeric face mask with just 3 ingredients.


Yes and no.  After you remove the face mask you may see a faint yellow residue.  This can be solved easily by washing your face with a gentle cleanser or using a toner with a cotton ball to remove residue.  If any mask gets up in your hair line you’ll probably want to jump in the shower.

DIY skincare recipes


Turmeric stains so use caution.  Use a dark colored wash cloth to avoid staining or paper towels to remove the mask.  Also be careful about your countertop or floor and wipe up any drips immediately.

I like to use this face mask right before the shower, it’s so easy to just jump in and rinse and not to worry about staining my wash cloth or countertop.

Don’t use this mask right before a date or special event in case you do have a little yellow residue.

As with all DIY skincare recipes you’ll want to keep things sanitary.  If you’re saving leftover mask be sure to scoop out the face mask with a clean spoon (no fingers) to keep it fresh and clean.

How to make a turmeric face mask with just 3 ingredients.

Be sure to slice up a some cucumber so you can feel like a spa diva… or if you just need a snack.

Budget at home skincare

This was a lot of fun!  We loved this face mask, we all had incredibly smooth, glowing skin afterwards, and bonus you can even eat it!  Head to the kitchen and create your own spa night!



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