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Teal kitchen cabinets white subway tile Giani marble countertop

I’m so excited to share our kitchen mini makeover with you!  This is just a temporary makeover until we can do a full remodel when the time is right.  A few weeks ago I decided to give our kitchen a mini makeover, and we are thrilled with the results!

It all started with ordering our new gas range.  Not only was our old electric range falling apart, it was a huge eye sore.  We waited several  months for a sale and then another two months for it to be delivered due to Covid.  I kept thinking about this new amazing gas double oven range sitting in my hideous kitchen.  Some of our other upgrades happened over the last year, like when the microwave stopped working, the larger sink upgrade, building a larger pantry, and the new lighting, but still our new range deserved better so a few weeks before it was delivered I went to serious work!

I spend a TON of time in the kitchen so why not make it pretty even if it is temporary?  I say if it makes you happy then it’s worth it!  Ok, ready to see some before photos?

Budget kitchen makeover

Budget kitchen makeover

Budget kitchen makeover

First up on my list was to do something about the countertop and backsplash.  I debated about using marble contact paper on the countertops, lots of people are doing it and it looks pretty good.  However we use our kitchen hard, so I was convinced it wouldn’t hold up at all.  After a lot of searching I decided to go with the Giani Carrara white marble countertop kit.  Everything you need is included in the kit and there are lots of video tutorials online to help.

Giani Carrara White Marble Epoxy Countertop Kit

Prep work was minimal, just clean with a brillo pad and rinse.  Then you roll on a few coats of the white primer paint and let it dry.  To create the marble veins you simply paint on the grey lines, spray with water, and smudge with a brush until you get the desired effect you’re after.  Last you apply the epoxy, I wasn’t sure that my marble veining looked good but once we applied the glossy epoxy it brought it to life!  The entire countertop process took about 3 days and it was so worth it!

Giani Carrara White Marble Epoxy Countertop Kit

Red Le Creuset pans on wall

For the backsplash I went with a peel and stick subway tile, and it was incredibly easy.  Just measure, cut to size, peel, and stick.  The back is nice and sticky so you can reposition the tiles a few times if needed.  Initially when I opened the package I didn’t think it looked very realistic but now that it’s up I think it looks amazing!  The only downside is that the tiles are really reflective and hard to photograph.

Peel and stick subway tile

The bamboo roman shade is from Lowe’s, I can’t remember the color but it was in stock and cut to size, and the pendant light was an amazing steal for under $30!

Peel and stick subway tile review

Giani Carrara White Marble Epoxy Countertop Kit review

One thing we will definitely be doing in the full kitchen remodel is reconfiguring the cabinets to fit a dishwasher.  Until then I’ve made peace with hand washing dishes.  The small original kitchen sink was so hard to wash dishes in so we upgraded to a single basin work station sink.  It’s been a huge lifesaver!  It comes with a cutting board, a small drying rack, and a colander that fits over the sink.  I was able to toss our large clunky dish drainer, and I purchased an over the sink dish drainer to save space.

Giani Carrara White Marble Epoxy Countertop Kit review

I debated for a while if I should paint the cabinets or leave them alone, but you know I love a good DIY project so you bet I chose to paint them!  In our full kitchen remodel I have my heart set on custom alder cabinets to match our doors but until then I decided to have a bit of fun and paint the cabinets teal.

I experimented with chalk paint because of the low prep work but I wasn’t happy with the color and after a few days the chalk paint looked rough.  Spur of the moment I used our old front door paint.  Yes, I used exterior paint on my cabinets, I had it on hand and it works.  I love the end result.

Teal kitchen cabinets white subway tile

mini kitchen makeover

You bet I love my new kitchen toy, I’ve cooked non-stop since receiving it!  Having a double oven and gas cooktop is a dream.

Kitchen makeover

Cabinets are Sophisticated Teal by the Home Depot Decorator Collection

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It’s the same kitchen but suddenly it feels so bright and fun now!  Maybe we’ll delay the major kitchen remodel a little longer now and focus on other projects because other than a missing dishwasher I can honestly say I’m happy with the kitchen.

Like I mentioned we use our kitchen hard and I’m curious how the countertop and backsplash will hold up over time.  I’ll definitely be updating, until then feel free to ask me any questions.