I’m having a lazy morning in Lake Como and just finished the most delicious cappuccino so I thought this would be the perfect time to show you some trip photos.  When we left Rapallo I was actually able to spend some time sorting and editing photos on the train of the Milan Duomo Cathedral.  Out of everything I saw in Milan this was my favorite and I can’t believe for a second I considered skipping it because I was tired and hungry from walking around the city all day.

The cathedral was so gorgeous, it was life changing, and I still keep thinking about this gorgeous place.  We started our journey by walking around the outside, taking lots of beautiful photos before we went up to the top.  Now, let me say I’m not one of those travelers who insists of going to the top of every building.  I’ve often said when short on time skip the top of the Eiffel Tower, I also found the top of the Empire State Building windy, scary, and disorienting.  It’s just me I guess, I usually love to admire buildings from the ground.  Having said that if you visit this cathedral you must go to the top, ok?  IT’S A MUST!

Now, there are two ways to get to the top, there are stairs to the top at the left side of the church, but towards the back right you can take an elevator to the top.  I highly recommend this!  It’s a long way up and a lot of stairs.  So we ended up taking the elevator to the top and then taking the tiny windy stairs down.  We saw so many tired out of breath exhausted looking people walking up and we were walking down the stairs.  Take our advice.  Then, to actually go inside the cathedral there is a separate entrance on the ground, with security.

The views from the top we’re absolutely incredible!  The architecture was the most stunningly beautiful I’ve ever seen in my life!  It moved me to tears and I couldn’t stop crying.  All the love and labor that went into this cathedral all for the love of God is enough to take your breath away.  There were a few areas that had scaffolding and that were under construction but it in no way ruined the experience.  In fact traveling to Europe so often I’ve just come to expect things are always under renovation, these sites are old!

Most of the top of the church is very easy to navigate, there were a few spots where the marble roof was a little slick, especially wearing flip flops, as long as you’re careful it should be ok.  Now let me show you photos of the inside, it was just as incredible.

Inside was also sacred and beautiful.  People were lighting candles and kneeling to say prayers, as did we.  If you look closely at the alter you’ll see there was actually a small service going on.

Afterwards we at at the Maio Restaurant, a rooftop restaurant that overlooked the cathedral, it was so beautiful that every time I would stare at it my eyes would start filling with tears again.  By the time we left the restaurant it was dark outside so we we’re able to see the Duomo beautifully lit up, where I just sat on a distant concrete step, starred and cried taking it all in.  You could really feel God’s love.  It was shortly after Brian said we really needed to go because he was worried I was going to dehydrate from all the crying.

If you’re ever in Milan, or nearby I recommend a trip.  Even if it’s hot and your tired, just go.  Go.


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  1. I cried too. It seemed like everyone was happy taking photos but I was trying to hold back the tears. Even looking at it or thinking of it moved me to tears. I’m not sure why.