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Let’s talk about my bright summery home accents today!  First of all, I can’t believe how long it took me to get this blog post up, June’s been such a busy month that I just kept forgetting to take pictures.  The light in our house can be super tricky, but hey… I’ve finally got photos!  I always like to tweak and freshen up our home along with the changing of the seasons.  So when summer started setting in naturally I was craving a light fresh summer look for the home – tones of pink, gold, and other fun summer accents.

But with summer trip expenses approaching I was determined to do everything on a budget!  Not all, but several of our new summer updates are from Amazon.  I came across an article the other day saying that Amazon was the new IKEA.  I have to say I agree!  Amazon has always been awesome, but I’ve had amazing luck at find great affordable items for my home lately.

I was ready for an update with the shelves in our formal living area.  I wanted a cleaner modern look and I had my eye on some gold shelves from a favorite store of mine, but they were nearly $600!  I happened to check Amazon and wouldn’t you know I found these identical looking shelves for $160, they even have the exact same measurements as the expensive shelves!  I love this fresh new look!

I’m a little bummed to say I think World Market has discontinued the Cute as a Button Turfted Loveseat.  Those who love the look Pier One has a very similar loveseat model.  I’ve seen it in person and size-wise it’s nearly identical, and the Flax color is very similar to what I have.  I actually prefer their version over mine.

Gold Shelves | Pineapple Bookends | Coffee Table | Faux Cow Hide Rug | Bird Cage Chandelier (similar one) | Cabinet 

Tufted Loveseat (similar one) | Wall Frames | Pink Pillow | Pineapple Pillow | Paris Book

You know I love decorating with books and this pink ceramic wall flower gives the perfect pizazz to my stack of books!

All in Good Taste | Yves Saint Laurent Style | Valentino Themes & Variations | Ceramic Pink Flower

Paris Art Print | Chandelier (on sale right now!) | Table Runner | Kitchen Table | Chairs | Metal Tray

Wing Chair | Faux Fur Pillow | Cat Pillow | Trunk Side Table | Louvre Book | Succulent Ceramic Pots | Bag

Anyone watch the show Revenge?  If so you probably recognize this chair.  Victoria Grayson would sit in her perfect little chair and each week I would drool over how fabulous it was.  The day I found out I could have a custom chair made from Ballard Designs to look just like Victoria’s was the best day ever.  It’s really fun to play with the custom options and design chair looks.  Try it, it’s so fun!

The cat pillow is perfect with our pink summer accents, and the other side has a cat sleeping with a blue pillow.  So two looks in one pillow. Finally I have a new kitty I’m not allergic too.  Can we talk about how awesome this gold hammered bowl is too?  It definitely deserves a moment!

No, our living room windows aren’t filthy I’m pretty sure thats a problem with your computer monitor and you should probably get that checked out.  That’s so weird, I hope your computer’s okay!

 Chesterfield Sofa (in Velvet Buckwheat, read my review HERE)

 Coffee Table | Chic Stays | Gold Accent Bowl | Rug | Faux Tree | Curtains | Curtain Rod | Square Glass Finial

Faux Fur Ottoman | White Tray | Van Gogh Almond Branches Print | White Ceramic Pineapple

I decided to give our Cognac Monet a little rest and ordered this print to switch out to update our fireplace.  I’ve gotten to be a pro at switching out our wall art, if I ever run across a problem the framing department will help me out for a very small charge.  A tip – if you can’t find the exact size print to fill your frame then look for a print that can be cut down without destroying the image.  I ordered up a size and simply trimmed off the excess poster to fit perfectly.  This is actually supposed to be a horizontal print, but I think it works vertical.  Come fall, I think Cognac Monet will make a return appearance.

The fireplace looks fresh and summery with our candles and snake plants – seriously you can’t kill them!  Candles in the fireplace are a summertime favorite for us.   For ease and safety I use LED candles, in the evenings it gives the room such a warm glow.  Oh, a tip – this candelabra along with many others had a spike in each candle spot, those who are familiar with LED candles know that won’t work.  With wire cutters I was able to cut off the spikes, it took a little muscle but wasn’t that hard.

Fireplace Screen | Fireplace Candelabra | LED Candles | Ceramic Pots

Tufted Chair | Paris in Love Book | Paris in Color Book | Ceramic Flower Votive | Tray Table (similar one)

Orb Chandelier – We have the large size in Bronze.

And the winner for the most difficult, impossible area to photograph in our home is our mudroom!  It was so hard to get this photo, you have no idea!!  Those who may not have seen this very old blog post, this is a hallway turned mudroom.  I’ve always had mudroom jealousy so this little hallway outside our laundry room was put to work as a faux mudroom.  This previously wasted space now works hard for us.

If you’re wondering about the Wifi thermostat it’s freakin awesome!  I’m trying to get Brian to write up a post about all our smart home devices we love.  Maybe when things settle down this fall he will.  This is just one of our little fun home devices we love.

Bronze Letter | Hat | Wifi Thermostat | Towel | Door Knobs

I wish I could of put together a full summer home tour for the blog, but with our trip coming up in a few days I just ran out of time.  Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a yummy cake recipe that’s not only super easy to make it’s also perfect if your looking for an easy dessert for the 4th.