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Welcome to The Europe Diaries, the day is finally here!  So, depending on when you’re reading this I’m either frantically packing last minute items I forgot about, getting yelled at in airport security, or in the air right now on my way to London and then switching flights for Milan.  Hey… I wasn’t joking about getting yelled in security either, I literally seem to do everything wrong!

Let me start off by saying we didn’t plan to spend 6 weeks in Europe this summer, it just kinda happened.  I’ll explain…  so back in the winter we decided we wanted to go to Scotland for our 19th anniversary.  Brian’s family is related to the Campbell Clan in Scotland – who I hear you did not want to cross… and the Invarary castle is still in his family.  We love England and Ireland so we thought we’d check out Scotland for our anniversary trip, visit the castle, and try to get it back.

From my recent DNA tests it appears I have a good chunk of Scottish in me too, it appears even more than Brian and I tracked my paternal grandfathers family all the way back to the 1500’s in Scotland.  Pretty cool stuff.  By the way I’ve sent off for a second DNA test from another company to compare the results, but apparently I failed it.  How I’ll never know, when Brian and I did the exact same thing together standing in the kitchen… but whatever I failed and need to redo my sample.  Fun.

Ok… moving on.. So we booked the trip for August and that was that.

Then my daughter’s violin teacher Gary mentioned the music festival in Italy this summer and he invited us to hear him play.  It sounded like an incredible opportunity that we didn’t want to miss out on, but as you know 2 people flying round trip to Europe two times in the same summer is a fortune.  So instead, we just payed a reasonable change fee to the airline and moved our original flight to Edinburgh to Milan.  From there things just fell into place.

Honestly the past few weeks have been a giant ball of stress for me, but now that the trip has started I’m hoping I can just relax and calm down a little.  As for the blog I will still still be updating, I’m not sure how often, but it will be somewhat regular I’m hoping.  The blog is my baby and I love it, plus I need to write.  It takes my level of crazy & OCD way down, so that’s a win for us all.

Clearly the blog posts for the next 6 weeks – and probably even a few weeks after that, are going to be heavy on travel.  Those who aren’t into travel posts, hang in there.  I want a well rounded blog, so hopefully I can get some variety in here and there.  My thoughts with the Europe Diaries is just how it sounds.  Basically a diary, behind the scenes, or a casual view of our travel.  I still plan on putting more structured travel posts together where I feel it works.

So what’s our itinerary?   We first arrive in Milan, then on to Lake Como to the music festival.  I was told George Clooney would be there, he better be there.  I’ll be looking everywhere for him, I’ll just follow the scent of money, LOL.  Then we visit Portifino, Switzerland, London, Bruges, Dublin, and Paris before we make our final way to Scotland to seize the castle.