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Happy Friday!  I’ve finally finished up getting photos for our living room fall tour.  I’ve got to vent though because it seems like getting photos has been ridiculously hard lately!  It started with the porch, it hardly rains in Texas yet as soon as I’m ready to take outdoor photos it rains for a week.  The rain was awesome, so it was hard to be upset about that, but still.  Then because of the dark gloomy weather it made indoor photos very difficult.  At least the high heat is gone, so I’ll take that.

I mentioned in the fall dining room tour a few days ago how I really love decorating with natural items, it gives our home such an organic homey feeling.  Plus I get the option to throw everything away and free up storage space.  I always keep pine cones though… I can never have enough.  I need even more for some upcoming crafty stuff so this weekend I think Brian and I are going hunting for pine cones.  We don’t have any in our neighborhood but I’ll find some for free… who wants to buy pine cones when somewhere they’re just all over the ground??

I also mentioned in October Loves how I’ve been painting and white washing pumpkins.  There they are!  Aren’t they so cute sitting on my candle holders?  Those candle holders are a mix I’ve collected over the years, 3 are from our trip to Northern Ireland a few years ago, one is from my husband’s grandmother and another from Pier 1,

Anyone remember finger knitting as a kid?  I had the urge to do it, and found some leftover yarn, it was really fun.  I stitched 2 long chains together to create a fall scarf for my painted deer head, Goldie Fawn.

Yeah… I know that doesn’t make sense but I’m a huge Goldie Hawn fan, I’ve seen Overboard and Housesitter 1,832,483 times.

If you’re curious about gel stain you can read my old blog post HERE.  I love the richness it added to the room, it takes a few days to really dry but other than that it’s pretty easy to do.

One of my favorite candles!

I get a lot of traffic with my Pottery Barn Sofa Review and it’s been a great purchase.  The fabric is incredibly stain resistant and it looks incredibly clean.  I’ve gotten ink pen out, red lipstick, lots of coffee spills, and an entire glass of red wine, ok that one was my fault… oops!

All those stains came out.  It matches really well with the Eliza Cream Tufted Arm Chair too.

Cheetah Rug | Tealight candle holder | Bronze Orb Candleholder

Did anyone else anyone else watch the show Revenge?  I was obsessed with Victoria Grayson’s chair, I was able to get the Thurston Wing Chair in the same french script pattern.  Sometimes I like to sit in it and play Victoria.

I had to throw in my kitchen table top, it’s not the living or family area but hey… I had to get in my pretty table top flowers somehow.  If you read my fall dining room decor post you know I found some great table runners from Amazon, and this striped one is awesome!  I’m always on the lookout for either stripes or leopard things.  This striped runner comes in lots of sizes and has matching placemats too.

Wishing you a terrific pumpkin filled weekend!  If you’re looking for an easy fall weekend recipe try my Slow cooker sweet potato turkey chili, I have it in the crock pot right now for tonight, it’s Paleo friendly and yummy!