Happy October again… I know I said that yesterday but I can’t help it!  I’m so excited to finally get my fall home tour out, although I decided to split them up into 2 different blog posts.  I just had so many dining room photos, but I’ll get the rest out by the end of the week.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest lately and I’ve been going nuts saving tablescape ideas, yep I have a entire board dedicated to them!  I’ll let you in on a little secret, although I feel confident in my decorating abilities I’ve never felt that I really excelled in tablescapes.  So I’m conquering my fear and I’m on a mission to do them more on my blog.  I redid the dining room table so many times that it was hard deciding which one to feature on the blog, but this one was the winner.  Maybe for Christmas I’ll do several just for fun.

I’m not big on Halloween decor, it’s ok… the kids like it though, so a few days before I’ll throw up a few fake spiders and jack-o-lanterns but that’s really it, I’m just simply a fall girl.  I don’t go overboard in my fall decorating like I do for Christmas but I still enjoy it.  Because of lack of storage (my storage unit is all full of Christmas stuff- haha) I decorate mostly with natural items so I can just throw them away after the season.

I’m also big on branches and pine cones.  When I was putting our decor together I texted Brian and said “hey on the off chance you see any pine cones while your out on a job site please bring me some home”.  He responded a few minutes later saying, “Are you kidding me?  I’m on a property covered with pine cones.”  I love it when we’re in sync like that… he even bought me home a branch with pinecones (see above photo)! #winning

I’m still in love with these leopard dishes, they work with every single season!  Our table was custom made, I was able to get a perfect sized table built for the room and it was a fraction off what similar tables were costing at furniture stores.  It’s been the best table, but since I picked my own odd measurements I can’t really find a table cloth that fits well.  So I’m queen of table runners.  Lately I’ve found some really great ones on Amazon, this one is the 108″ long one in natural, they have 6 other lengths and have matching placemats too – they’re all inexpensive which I love!

I did finally splurge on some glimmer lights at Pier 1.  I use their LED candles and I can use the same remote to set a timer and control everything.  It’s a fun toy.  The water glasses are from the Dollar Tree, I bought them a while back, but still you can’t tell they cost $1.

I say put pumpkins everywhere… yep even on a cake plate.

Aren’t green and white pumpkins just so pretty?

Leopard Plates | Napkins |  White Dishes | Maple Leaf Glimmer Lights  | LED Candles | Lights/LED Remote | Table Runner | Moscow Mule Candle | Mirror |  Celeste Chandelier (on sale!) | Rug | White Slipcovers (in white quilted fabric 25% off until 10/8)

So here’s your fall dining decor and tablescape inspo and it’s so simple!  To get the look you just need a table runner, glimmer lights, pine cones, different colored pumpkins, and add in a few patterns with napkins or accent plates and you’re good to go!  We actually do use our dining room, although I want to start using it even more and I can’t wait for some fall family dinners.  Cheers to pumpkins and wine!

You’ll be seeing more pumpkins on the blog this week, and don’t forget to check out my Simple Fall Front Porch.  Take care!




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