Happy fall everyone!  We have been busy the last few weeks getting the front of our house in tip top shape again.  When we came home from Europe things were not good!  6 weeks of neglect along with record breaking heat temperatures took a toll on the front of our house, but I’m happy to say we’ve got things back in order and ready for fall.

I have been wanting to take photos outside for DAYS now… it has rained non-stop.  So the forecast said only a 10% percent chance of rain Thursday – my planned photo taking day and again it poured nearly all day.  It stopped for an hour, and once everything looked dry I ran out to get photos – haha, and we got them!

Normally in the spring and summer I keep the planters by our front door full with pretty plants and flowers, but it’s also nice having a break from that in the fall and winter.  I couldn’t resist these Jack-o-Lanterns from Pier 1… aren’t they just so cute?  All I did was sit it in the urn, then I wrapped some twig garland around it, which you can find on Amazon or usually any craft store, and then I added some leaf garland from the Dollar Tree.  Love these little pumpkin faces!

I used leftover grapevine for our wall planter, seriously a roll of twig garland is the best thing to give your fall decorations a custom look!

One thing that always bothered us about our house was the small front porch, where the bench is used to be a huge row of ugly boxy shrubs.  One day we got the idea to rip out the shrubs and use the area as a porch.  In this old blog post I showed the before photos, it’s been a great DIY improvement project.

I tell everyone I have a love hate relationship with the decomposed granite though.  I love the way it looks, but surprisingly it takes a lot of maintenance.  After the summer it was full of weeds so just a few days ago I dug it out by hand and added new granite.  It looks awesome again… I’m thinking I’ll need to do it again come spring.  Seriously it’s high maintenance!!

Every room can use a touch of leopard right?  And my front porch is no exception.  I just need my leopard fix – haha.  Look at this bumpy green pumpkin… isn’t it just so cool to look at?  If the neighborhood kids smash my bumpy green pumpkin this Mama is going to be MAD y’all!

Loving the wreath too, wreaths out of berries just seem to be my favorite.  Adjustable wreath hooks are such an amazing invention, it seems like with the standard wreath hooks it would look way too high.  I had a clear plastic adjustable one for ever but finally splurged when this hammered gold one went on sale.  Cute!!  It’s the little stuff that always makes me so happy.

House Lights | Front Door | Wreath Hook | Wreath  | Doormat | Urn | Stack of Jack-O-Lanterns | Leopard Pillows | Bench | Planters | No Soliciting Sign

Our front porch is a bit tricky to photograph, just weird angles and lots of things to work around, but we did pretty good.  The rain has stopped and the air is now cooler and crisp – the last few days have actually felt like fall, that’s saying a lot living in Texas!

Our front porch decor is definitely on the simple side but I really like it.  If you’re looking for some quick outdoor decorations it’s all about pumpkins!  Put them everywhere, in pots, on the porch in the flower beds, really they look adorable anywhere.   Don’t forget to get creative with a little cheap garland and you’re good to go!

I’m putting the last few fall touches around our home so I should get those up really soon.  Wishing everyone a great weekend and we’ll talk soon.


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