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Hello Monday… another fresh new week is here!  I’m taking it easy this week blog wise, I need a lazy week.  I’ve had a lot of high stress moments last week, not blog related, life related.  I’ve decided this week I’m going to have some fun cooking and read a book.  It sounds a little boring… but mostly awesome.  Even though this week is chill I wanted to share my pillow trick.

I love the look of outdoor pillows but I can’t tell you how many times I come home and see my pillows looking like this!  And this is on a good day, sometimes when it’s windy I’ll even have one blow way out into the grass.  I found a simple way to keep them in place, and it just takes a few minutes!

You just need a few simple supplies… ribbon, scissors, a needle, and thread.  That’s it!

Since I can see the back of the bench in my office and the sides of the bench are really visible from the porch I went with black so it would blend in with the bench.   I cut 2 sections of ribbon, one for each pillow, and I made sure they were long enough so they would easily tie into a bow.

Center the ribbon over the back of the pillow, taking the needle and thread stitch it into place until it feels secure.

This should be the last time you see this bubble gum pink grown out gel manicure… I see a future nail salon trip happening very soon!

Feel free to make the stitches as ugly as possible, use the above photo for inspiration.

Now just tie them up and you’re good to go!

Are those pillows going to blow around anymore??  I don’t think so!   It’s a nice clean look from the back and the sides too.  With my bench design it was obviously easy to tie the ribbon, but I think with even smaller openings like wicker or adirondack chairs it’s still possible.  It may just take a bit more patience to tie them up.

Sunbrella makes terrific outdoor pillows by the way, this pattern is from Ballard but you can find Sunbrella at other places too.  They are machine washable, stain resistant, and dry very quickly after a rain.  Direct heat is bad for them from an iron or dryer but they do just fine in the hot sun.