Coconut lime sugar scrub recipe

May is just days away, and here in Texas the temps are starting to warm up fast… summer is just around the corner!  Those first few days of wearing shorts and dresses can be a little scary, especially when you’re dealing with dry post-winter skin.  So this is where you need a good body scrub on your side.  Coconut and lime is such a winning combination in my book!

This is such a fun scrub to make and to use in the shower.  It takes me back to my childhood of coconut snow cones in the summer, only with a fresh twist of lime.  I don’t know about you but it’s engrained in my brain that coconut is supposed to be blue!  Some of my best memories growing up involve having a blue tongue.  Using this scrub is like having a tropical summertime party in the shower, it’s calorie free and leaves you with silky soft skin too.  Plus I’ll show you how simple it is to make!

Blue coconut lime sugar scrub recipe

Coconut lime body scrub recipe

It’s really easy to zest a lime using this zester tool, it work’s great for zesting all citrus.  Be sure to save the lime for another use.  You can use any lime oil, but if you followed my last blog post you know I’ve just gotten started with Young Living so naturally I used their oil.  It’s the highest quality and priced affordably.  I added a little coconut extract just to up the coconut fun since coconut oil isn’t very fragrant… remember I’m wanting to relive my coconut snow cone days.

You can absolutely leave out the drop of food coloring if you desire but the small amount shouldn’t stain your skin and adds to the blue tropical party!  We have white towels and have zero color residue when drying off.

Coconut Lime Body Scrub


  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1/4 cup organic coconut oil
  • 1 tsp lime zest
  • 1/2 tsp coconut extract
  • 2 drops blue food coloring


  • In a medium sized bowl add the coconut oil and stir with a spoon until it softens up.  It's important not to melt the coconut oil so your scrub will have a light fluffy texture.  
  • Add the lime zest, lime essential oil, coconut extract, and food coloring to the coconut oil, and stir to blend.  
  • Pour in the sugar, and mix well. Store in a clean container.

Coconut lime body scrub recipe

As with all homemade body scrubs you’ll want to store them in a cool, dry location and use them within 2-3 weeks.  Have no worries about the lime zest spoiling in the mixture, the lime oil is a natural preservative.  Take care, though, when using it in the shower not to let water get into your container or it might dissolve the scrub.

DIY coconut lime body scrub recipe

Coconut oil makes an incredible moisturizing body scrub.  In the winter months when my skin is extra dry I simply rinse it off in the shower and towel dry.  My skin is on the oiler side, though, so in the warmer months I need to rinse with a gentle soap or body wash afterwards, but I still feel the moisturizing benefits.  Just listen to your skin… you know what’s best.  Either way this scrub will leave your skin silky smooth and have you ready for summer!

I’m feeling summer vibes this week so look forward to another post soon that involves limes… and maybe a little tequila.  Cheers!  Looking for more body scrub recipes?  Try my Birthday Cake Body Scrub, it’s another favorite!



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