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Happy Monday, I’ve wanted to do an outfit post for a while but we’ve had so much rain lately!  It’s been an abnormally heavy rain season in Texas which is great, that is until you want to take outdoor photos.  Brian and I have been working hard to make our photos better, and after waiting and waiting we said screw it, let’s just take your outfit photos in the rain!

It wasn’t a big deal… all I really had to do is change my footwear, massively hairspray my curls, and add an umbrella, but we had a lot of fun taking these.  We just happened to be meeting with our photographer bud in Dallas for some advice and took these photos right outside his studio.  It was a little bit planned, a little bit spontaneous, and a whole lotta fun wearing all my favorite patterns, stripes, leopard and polka dots.

I really love this striped sweater… stripes are my jam!  I was in Target the other day, just to grab some paper towels and miscellaneous items and I fell in love with all the affordable sweaters.  I can’t pass on great deals like these, you can create so many options, layered up, with jeans, with skirts, you name it… paired it with my fave leopard button down.  What a winning combo!

Target has really upped it’s fashion game, a blessing for all of us, the only negative is you literally blink and your size goes out of stock.  Finding all the styles and patterns I want in my size can be challenging.  I was in luck finding this striped sweater in stock in my size, but the other 2 sweaters I had to order online to find my size… and I can’t wait for them to come in!

For sizing info on this sweater, I tried on my usual size and a size up.  I was much happier with how the next size up fit, layered or not it draped nicer in the shoulders and bust area.  I can’t wait to pair this sweater with a pencil skirt, perhaps sequin for a fall date night??

Sweater | Leopard Shirt (similar) | Umbrella | Earrings | Bracelet | Rain Boots

Y’all, my jeans are so tired and sad… I’m pumped I have an appointment with Lauree at Nordstrom at the end of the week.  She’s specifically helping me find new jeans and honestly I already feel sorry for her… ha!  For me shopping for jeans is nearly up there with bathing suits.  To prepare I should probably chill on all the cooking I’ve been doing, but it’s so hard with all my fall favorites.

I have 2 more Europe posts I want to share, so I’m going to buckle down and get one out this week, and probably the last next week… I’ve let it draw out way to long!!  Also speaking of fall cooking I’ll also be posting a favorite fall breakfast recipe of ours very soon, so stay tuned.  Rain or shine have a fab week!