Fort Popham Maine at low tide

Yesterday I had a chance to visit Fort Popham in Phippsburg, Maine, and it was so cool that I decided to whip out my phone and take photos so I could share it with you!  First of all, I love spending time at the beaches all around us here in Mid-Coast Maine, one being Popham Beach.  I’ve always known that there is an old military fort in the area, I’ve seen signs and we’ve even accidentally driven by it once looking for the beach, but I honestly never cared to stop.

Well, cut to my grown son deciding to move from Texas to Maine with us and 5 days later I’m suddenly in a fort!  Funny how life does that to you.  With the girls gone I am officially outnumbered, and I guess I’m back to doing boy things.

The tunnels in Fort Popham Maine

Boy stuff aside, Fort Popham was really cool.  In 1861 construction began on this Civil War-era coastal defense fortification that sits at the mouth of the Kennebec River where it meets the ocean.  Now retired, this historic site is open to the public, and the best part of all?  It’s free!

Visiting in late October, it was drizzling and the fog was heavy which gave a great spooky vibe.

Water view at Fort Popham


Old Fort Popham
Stairs in Fort Popham

We had a lot of fun exploring the levels and taking the stairs, we even found a few dark spooky corners where we needed to use the flashlights on our phones to see.

Water seeps through some areas of the fort creating stalagmites on the ceiling and walls like you would see inside a cave, it was really cool!

Stalagmite growing on the ceiling

Free places in Maine to explore

I don’t know if it was the old stone or the gray misty skies overlooking the water, but being here gave me flashbacks to our trip to Scotland.  It felt magical like I was some place far far away.

Old military fort in maine

You’ll find beautiful water views all around the property.  We visited during low tide so the water level was low around the fort, but the upside to this is all the beautiful beach area that becomes available to explore.  Seals are often spotted in the area so you may even get lucky and see some playing in the water.

Kennebec River in Phippsburg Maine Beach rocks and driftwood in Maine


Fort Popham Maine

Things to Know About Fort Popham

The hours are 9 am to sunset.

Camping is not allowed.

There are picnic tables but no restrooms or grills.

Wear layers!  Even in the summer the weather is unpredictable and it’s always colder near the water.

Popham Beach State Park is a short drive, admission is charged to enter the park but during low tide it is possible to walk to Popham Beach from Fort Popham and avoid the fee.

Restrooms are available during summer hours a few minutes away at Popham Beach State Park.

Spinney’s Restaurant is the only restaurant nearby and is only open during tourist season.

Parking is limited so keep that in mind if you’re visiting on the weekend or during tourist season.

Fort Popham Beach Phippsburg Maine near Fort Popham

Fort Popham in Phippsburg Maine

Living in Maine the last year has been such a dream.  If you’re ever in Mid-Coast Maine I highly recommend visiting Fort Popham in Phippsburg, everyone will love it!


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  1. Thanks gor Sharing. It is duch a Beautiful area and so much history everywhere!
    Hope all of you are doing ok and had a Merry Christmas 🎄