With a fresh new year just days away it’s time to start making healthy changes.  Most of us overdo it around the holidays with treats and cocktails, but I have a simple way for you to take charge of your health, warm water with lemon!  This one is a simple change that you can start right now, warm lemon water is so simple to prepare and tastes delicious.  So let’s talk about 8 reasons to drink lemon water and I’ll tell you exactly how I prepare mine.

1 FLUSHES TOXINS FROM THE BODY – Lemon juice is similar to our stomach’s digestive juices, it stimulates the liver’s bile production helping to eliminate toxins.

2 AIDS IN WEIGHT LOSS – Lemons are a natural diuretic which can reduce water weight, and they are high in pectin which can suppress the appetite and aid in weight loss.

3 STRENGTHENS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM –  Lemons are packed full of vitamins that strengthen the immune system and fight off infections and colds.

4 REDUCES JOINT & MUSCLE PAIN – Lemons are natural anti-inflammatory agents and can help reduce muscle and joint pain by dissolving uric acid.

5 IMPROVES SKIN – High in anti-oxidants, lemons can slow down the aging process by removing free radicals from the body, and the high dose of vitamin C helps clears acne and gives a nice glow to the skin.

6 BALANCES PH LEVELS – Lemons are acidic but alkaline inside the body so they balance the pH levels in our body which in turn helps fight cancer and other diseases.

7 ENHANCES MOOD – The scent and taste of lemons has been proven to lower anxiety, energize us, and boost our mood.

8 LOWERS BLOOD PRESSURE – Lemons are a great remedy for hypertension.  They make blood vessels soft and pliable, thereby helping to lower blood pressure.

So what’s the best way to make a warm lemon water?  It’s simple, take 8 ounces of warm water with half a squeezed lemon.  I usually warm my water in the microwave, but you can use the stove top, always add the lemon after heating the water.  Why warm water you ask? Cold lemon water is still great for you, but if you aim to improve your metabolism, lose weight, or clear digestion issues warm water has been shown to be more effective.  Vitamin C is sensitive to temperature so the water should be warm to slightly hot but not boiling.  Add a splash of honey or stevia if you desire, but I like the plain tartness of the lemon.

I always look forward to my lemon water, I find it really soothing.  You can drink lemon water any time of day, but it’s especially helpful first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to kickstart our bodies for the day.  Make sure to always pick up a bag of lemons from the grocery store so you can enjoy a few delicious cups a day.

Did you realize that such a small change each day can have such a great impact on your overall health?  Let’s see how many small changes we can make in 2019 that improve our health and well being!



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