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I said in our square foot garden post I would keep you updated, so here I am.  It’s been a couple months now.  So here our are updates.

So far everything is going pretty good.  One thing we messed up on is when we filled our boxes we forgot how fluffy the soil was and that it would settle.  So unfortunately our plants sit low in the box.  I wish they were higher up, but it’s not the end of the world. I’ll fix this in the fall or next spring.

Our tomatoes are booming and doing very well.  We have some crusty brown leaves in random places, but they are getting plenty of water and producing well.  The cherry tomatoes seem a bit easier to control.  We have a ton of birds in our backyard, blue jays, cardinals, hummingbirds, robins, mockingbirds, seriously a ton.  I keep meaning to buy nets for our tomatoes.  Luckily we only have 2 cherry tomatoes that have bird nibbles, we think it’s the mockingbird.  He looks like a trouble maker.  As long as he just nibbles off the tomatoes he’s started I’m ok, if he starts eating others I’m gonna get mean!  Other than the mockingbird nibbles we’ve had no other pests.  I think the tall garden boxes help.

The Roma tomatoes are kinda crazy.  Remember I was trying to avoid tomato cages because I don’t care for how they look.  I need to use some extra zip ties on the Roma’s to keep them in line.  The Romas were slower to produce tomatoes but they’re coming around.

Lots of happy jalapeños growing, some are ripe now and we have a ton of bell peppers growing.  Those plants are doing quite well and are easy to keep under control, unlike another….yes I’m talking bad about you Roma Tomatoes!

We ate the small radishes we planted and I haven’t gotten around to planting more, but I will eventually.  The herbs are doing well, we ate all the cilantro and I let a few stragglers flower and go into seed.  I bought new baby cilantro plants incase the seeds take a while to grow.

Our Spearmint is growing like crazy and screams at me to make mojitos every time I walk past it.  One of these days I will give in to its demand.

Also in a separate pot I have peppermint growing.  If your curious how spearmint and peppermint are different it’s the leaf size and taste.  Spearmint you see on the left has a much larger leaf and that makes it perfect for mojitos.  Peppermint on the right has a smaller leaf and a stronger sharper flavor that works well in desserts & as a garnish.

As the weather gets more hot and miserable my basil seems to thrive and be happy.  With all these tomatoes and happy basil my Mom and I made this awesome healthy Greek salad.

And on a surprising note my lavender seems alive and happy.  The last 2 I killed.  What have I done differently?  I have no idea!

Oh, and we have grass a growing!  Groovy baby!   It needs to be mowed but I’m just so happy to have grass again.  So there’s our garden update.  I’ll keep you posted with more updates as time goes on.  If you have a garden how are things going?